Monday 3 February 2014

Prom Preparations...

The early bird catches the worm. Right?! But I have a feeling choosing a prom dress 5 months early may be a little soon? No? Well, I hope not. Okay, so I honestly had no idea what sort of dress I was after, the only thoughts I had, were of things I wouldn't like.

No puffy skirts or glitter. No long trails but also full length. Oh, and no offensive-to-the-eye colours. So when I spotted the above Chi Chi* dress, it was love at first sight. Okay, so I know I haven't shown the actual dress, but I want to save the excitement for nearer the big day.

All I'm going to say: it's dark blue, full length and has gold accents. So, feel free to go on a hunt for it on the website! Definite brownie points if you find it! Next on the list of things to plan, is our method of arriving. Any ideas?

What's your favourite dress colour?
Have you ever been to prom?



  1. Excited to see!

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  2. Aw this is so amazing, I miss school proms! We had a 'May Ball' in Sixth Form, but I actually made my dress for it!

    Josie xoxo
    Fashion Mumblr

  3. Not too early at all! I picked out my prom dress in the October the year before my prom!

  4. So excited to see the dress! I picked out my dress around this time of year for my prom - it was actually in the Monsoon sale for £90 from over £200! I wish I could wear it again, it probably wouldn't fit though ;) xx

  5. I cannot wait to see this dress! It sounds lovely and the material looks fab! I always dress hunt way before the occasion because it takes me a lifetime to find the perfect dress! Glad I'm not the only one hehe! Thanks for the sneak preview! xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  6. definitely not too early, I got mine early (and free, minus some diy alterations) if you fall in love with a dress it's best to get it when you can just in case :') I wish I could go back and do it again, just to focus on enjoying it more, and possibly to change the makeup (a) I hope you have a lovely time and would love to see more prom posts :) xx

  7. nope, definitely not too early! when I had prom all the girls in my year created a facebook group where we could post our prom dresses so that no one would have the same one! I love the colour too xx

  8. I wish I had a prom to get excited for. Look forward to seeing the dress and some prom snaps :)

    Sophie x

  9. Don't worry about ordering your dress five months in advance, I ordered mine in January, I already have my shoes and most jewellery aha, looking forward to seeing your dress!!!xx

  10. I'm so excited for this! I've yet to even start thinking about my dress! x

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  11. Not too early, organised! I love prom dresses, I had one of my grandmothers for my prom, I might have to post about it one day!

    You big tease, can't wait to see the actual dress!
    I love it when people turn up in unusual forms of transport, like push scooters, fire engines and double decker buses!

    Rachel xx
    The Inelegant Wench

    1. At my prom (WAY too long ago for me to admit haha!), two guys turned up on a tandem. That was pretty cool!