Wednesday 1 January 2014

Goals For 2014

Happy New Year y'all! I hope 2014 treats you well, and brings you a whole load of happiness and good health. As today's the 1st I thought we'd start the year as we mean to go on, with some good ol' resolutions.

But, before we get onto that, you may have noticed a few changes around here.... I thought a new blog design would be the perfect way to start 2014 off - I hope you like it! (Here's my blog design shop Vanilla Bunting, if you're interested in a new design yourself!)

Okay, so onto my goals:
~ Do more exercise. Yes, it's on everyone's list but I'm actually going to try and do it this year. Because, lets put it this way - sport isn't my forte. Plus I'd like to get back into the habit of drinking more water.

~ Spending ban. Yep. I want to see how long I can go without purchasing anything and save my money for this years exciting adventures! As quite frankly, I  have enough new products and clothes, to last all year, thanks to Christmas!

~ Take better photos. I think I might have finally found the perfect lighting set up, so hopefully I'll be able to take prettier blog photos.

~ Attend more events. Yep, I'd love to continue meeting more and more of you, and I'd love to continue my trips to London.

~ Worry less. So much easier said than done, but there's no point stewing over little things this year!

~ Comment, comment, comment. I'm going to try and comment on more posts this year, and get into the habit of replying to my own.

~ Stop hoarding. Hoarding might not be quite right word, but my Mum'll be glad about this one. I'll try and get rid of some of my clothes, so that everything fits nicely in my wardrobe.

~ More OOTD's and FOTD's. I love writing more fashion based posts, I just never have a photographer (read: family member) on hand to help. So maybe this year I should invest in a tripod and remote?

And finally just be happy! Remove the negative ninnies and smile!
Have you made any goals for 2014?



  1. I love your blog design so clean and nicely laid out perfect for my clean freak, obsessed when reading or scrolling through your blog. I hear you sister when it comes to the spending ban point, I have wasted so much money last year on god knows what and this year I want things to be different I only want yo buy what I actually need or really want not just anything an everything.

    Want to take this opportunity to say happy new year to u Becca, your family and your readers on this blog I hope 2014 will be a good year for u all

    Rianna xx

    1. Thank you so much!
      Yeah, me too!

      Thank you!!
      Happy new year!xx

  2. I have the some goal about commenting. I always want to do it more but never do. I want more interaction with others


  3. I always mean to comment more too, so I'll start here by saying good luck with your goals for this year and thanks for everything in 2013! x

  4. I need to use up my skincare stash before I even think about making any purchases & that could take a while.
    Worryless is something I need to do, I get myself in to a right mess worrying. Not healthy

  5. Love the new blog design! And I really like your resolutions, I think I might have to pinch some of them myself- so many apply to me too! Best of luck with them, and happy new year! x

  6. Good Luck with 2014! :)

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    Happy New Year! :)

    ~ Shivani (

  7. Good luck with your goals, I did a spending ban last year and was surprised at how well I did, I never thought I was going to manage it, but I did x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  8. Happy New Year, Becca! I completely agree with all of your resolutions - the exercise is the main one for me! I'm constantly tired and need to get fit.

    Love your blog and layout - so stylish! Keep up the good work. Xo

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, me too!
      Aaaah, thank you so much!xx

  9. Nice goals. They are easily attainable. I also feel that commenting is key to growing a blog. Good luck with all your resolutions.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  10. I also just posted my new year's resolutions :) One goal we have in common is to exercise- hopefully I can stick with it beyond a few months! good luck!


  11. A lovely list, Happy 2014!


  12. happy new year xx

  13. Couldn't agree more with all of these goals! We're definitely working towards these as well! :)