Monday 30 December 2013

My Favourite Posts and Blogs Of 2013

Firstly, I'd like to say a massive thank you to y'all. Last night I hit 1000 followers on Bloglovin' and I genuinely squealed with delight. I'm so grateful to you all, both my new and faithful old followers. One thing, that makes it even more incredible, is the fact it's just in time for the new year. I mean, is there a better way of starting 2014?!

Anyway, so today's post if going to feature 5 posts I've personally enjoyed writing this year, as well as 5 bloggers who quite simply, are fab.
Okay so, my favourite outfit post of the year was definitely 'Golden Sands'. I love how these photos came out, and I think I'll definitely have to do more 'on location' if you will.

I really enjoyed writing this beauty review, as once again, I loved how the photos came out. Also, I absolutely love this eyeshadow, good ol' Gold Leaf from YSL.

Christmas, it's a magical time of year isn't it. I mean, I actually managed to post a face of the day, with a look that I genuinely like. (This is from my Christmas Face Of The Day post.)

I loved writing this haul post, it's definitely the shortest shopping post ever, but I loved posting about my bargainous Marc Jacobs ring.

And finally, my favourite lifestyle post of the year - the London Sleepover. I had such a lovely couple of days, and this post was so much fun to write!

Now, onto the good bit... But, firstly, I'd quickly like to say that I have so many more than 5 favourites, but as I've featured 5 blog posts, it seemed like a good option.

If you're looking for beautiful photos, gorgeous products and wonderfully written posts, then this is a good place to look. Also, Jaye writes a whole variety of posts from Nars reviews to burger recommendations, so there's always something new and interesting to read.

Holly's blog is lovely (and so is she!), and I love all the posts she writes. I trust her reviews 100%, and I absolutely love her style of writing. Also, her 30 before 30 is so interesting, I definitely recommend you give it a read! 

If you follow me on twitter, you will probably have noticed my constant 'swaggy' tweets to Amanda. She's so lovely, and her blog is just so fab! I love her outfit posts, and she recently bought the coolest boots ever, so definitely take a peek!

The queen of blogging if you will. Becky is probably the most organised, dedicated blogger ever - and it definitely shows! She posts about so many interesting thing and I really love her 'FF' series! I met Becky at a Benefit event, she's so lovely! At said event, she took such a cringey photo of me, involving a foundation brush - so definitely have a hunt for that!

Can we all take a minute to admire how beautiful her photography is. I mean, wow. Her home interior posts are so pretty, and Oscar is just the cutest. I've been following Becky for quite a while now, and I never skip a post!

What posts have you enjoyed reading this year?
Have you got a favourite blog to read? If so, do share!



  1. Great post! Congrats on the 1000 followers milestone, what a lovely end to 2013! I always love reading your posts, I especially love your makeup on your face of the day post featured here and I look forward to more in 2014. Happy new year to you! :) x

    Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      Happy new year to you too!xx

  2. 1000 followers, you lucky lucky lady! I love your blog so much, it's so inspiring to read when I'm feeling a little bit unmotivated!
    One of my favourite posts by you is The Benefit Perfumes, your photography is gorgeous :D
    I look forward to reading more and hopefully seeing you in the new year :)

    Peach Pow XO

    1. Thank you so much!
      It'd be lovely to meet you again this year!xx

  3. Your hair is absolutely incredible in that first picture! Thanks for the list of blogs too, I haven't heard of all of them so it'll be great to check some of them out.

    1. Thank you!
      I definitely recommend giving them a read!xx

  4. You've had such a great year and definitely hope your 2014 is as good!

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. I didn't know any of those blogs except for Milk Bubble tea :) I'll check them out :)
    I love your hair :)

    Happy new year x


    1. Oooh, they're great reads!
      Thank you!
      Happy new year!xx