Sunday 10 November 2013

This Week I... (#7)

Was renamed Robert. Yep, you read that correctly. So, Holly and I were going to an inflatable bouncy castle swimming pool thing - any one have any idea what those things are actually called?! -  and the receptionist misheard my name. When the confirmation email popped through, Robert and Holly were booked in for the three o'clock session. However, when we got there turns out we were the only people who had booked, so the session was cancelled. 

Had my braces fitted. I went for pink and blue, on both my top and bottom teeth, and I think I'm now used to wearing them. It does feel like I've got a cheese grater in my mouth though, my lips and gums are literally getting slaughtered. But that's nothing a good old squeeze of Iglu can't solve. 

Attended a blogger meet up. I had a fab day meeting lots of local bloggers. I'm not going to lie, the highlight of the whole event was that monstrous bucket of hot chocolate. As well as meeting up with Hannah, Cheryl and Becca. Afterwards we headed to the shops for a browse around all the lovely Christmas bits and bobs.

Got my first EOS lipbalm. My Dad surprised me with this and I love it! I think he bought it on Ebay - but don't quote me on that. This is the scent/flavour Summer Fruits, but on the lips is just a translucent shine. I've been absolutely loving this recently and expect a full review of this baby, in the near future.

Bought a couple of lovely wintery accessories. Well, my Dad bought me the scarf and you can read the full story in this post, but you know what I mean. I spotted this bobble hat in the mens section of Primark today, and I love it! It's so soft and snuggly, but my favourite thing about it, is definitely the measly £3 price tag. I've never really been a hat kinda gal, but I can't wait for it to get a bit chillier, so I can wear this!

Had my first festive Costa. I went for a white hot chocolate and it was delicious! It was really sweet without being really sweet - if that makes any sense?! I loved the little golden stars on the top amongst the delicious cream and the drizzle of toffee sauce. It's definitely up there with the infamous salted caramel hot chocolate, and I can see myself drinking far too many of these this festive season.

What have you been up to recently?
Have you tried any of the festive drinks yet?



  1. I love your photo's!
    You're tartan scarf is gorgeous!
    Your glasses REALLY suit you.

    Kelly from :)

  2. Really enjoyed this post! Braces are a nightmare aren't they? All worth it in the end though x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  3. Loving your photos, esp the creamy drinks.
    That was so sweet of your dad buying you a lip balm & an EOS one. Thats extra brownie points

  4. All that cream and caramel is making me want to binge on sweet things.