Tuesday 19 November 2013

Mac Idyllic Paint Pot Review

I've been naughty. I convinced myself that I was going to hold back on the ol' shopping, and save all my money for my upcoming trips to London. But you know, that was never going to happen was it? I recently bought Mac's Idyllic paint pot, and oh my. it's a beauty.

We've all seen and heard of the infamous Cranberry eyeshadow haven't we? Well, I don't actually own it. Yet. But I thought this paint pot was an equally gorgeous berry colour, that obviously has to be added to my collection. I've mentioned in so many recent posts, my love for cream products. And these cream shadows are just so lovely!

The shade is just so pretty and festive. It's a lovely, wearable berry colour, but it also contains  a gorgeous gold shimmer throughout, which is just so elegant. The texture isn't too thin and sheer, but equally nobody likes feeling like they're spreading cement on your eyelids, and Mac have certainly found the right balance! This is so creamy and velvety, but it's not at all sticky when applied to the eyes.

I typically apply this with my ring finger all over the lid, applying more product to the outer section of my eye. I've spoken about the packaging before, but I love it. It's so simple and I love that it's made of glass. 

You may be wondering about creasing or lasting power? Well, I find it doesn't crease at all, and by the time I go to remove my make up, Idyllic is still on my lids - perfect.

What do you think of Mac's paint pots?
Do you like berry colours in Autumn?



  1. How gorgeous is that colour? I agree about the packaging too, the glass pot is simple but looking really elegant. I'll definitely be looking into adding this to my christmas shopping list...

    S xo.


  2. amazing photography! I'd love to try this, great review :)
    www.lydiarosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  3. What a gorgeous colour and beautiful photography! I want it now!!! Thanks for sharing xx


  4. This is such a perfect color for Autumn eye looks!

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  5. This color is so lovely and it is true that it looks like cranberry!! Perfect color for now!! I love the staying power of these!!


  6. Yeah! Definitely!
    They're fab aren't they?!xx