Monday 21 October 2013

Walkies and Fetch

As I've mentioned a couple of times recently, I spent my weekend with my main man Ralphie (the cockapoo.) He's the cutest, most well behaved dog ever. Truth be told, I'm a bit - let's just say - wary when it comes to dogs. I was always that kid that would hide behind their parents when a massive black lab would stomp over, drool and all.

Yesterday, I decided to go on a little walk, with Ralphie in one hand and my big girl camera in the other. So for today's post I thought I'd just show you some of the photos I took!

One thing I learnt this weekend, was just how loyal dogs are. I thought the whole man's best friend thing was so overused, but it's so true! I mean, who doesn't love seeing this little face as soon as they get home. Also, I think I'm finally getting over the stench of wet dog food - oh my, it is strong!

Do you have any pets?
What do you think of Ralphie?



  1. He is so adorable and looks so soft!! I love having a dog!! They are just always there for you, want to cuddle and play all the time!!

  2. What a little cutie. Labs are actually one of the most kid friendly breeds of dogs! But I can agree they can be a bit boisterous. We rehomed my dog and now that he actually understands the word 'walkies' melts my heart.

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. Nawwww what a cutie! I won't ever go to uni, I'd just spend all day having snuggles with him
    x xx
    The Lobster & Me