Thursday 17 October 2013

The Lush Shower Trio

I LOVE LUSH. I love their products, I love the atmosphere of their shops and I love that Lush's headquarters are really local to me! 

Back in February I went to Barcelona with my school, and on one of the days we popped into a shopping centre on the way back to our villas. As soon as I entered the shopping centre (or el centro comercial if you will) I turned to my teacher and said "I didn't think there'd be a Lush here - wow!" She then replied saying she didn't think there was one at this mall. While we were shopping we found the Lush store, and the staff on the trip nicknamed me Ratatouille from then on. 

Anyway, back to the products... I think we should definitely start with the infamous Snow Fairy. Whenever Autumn rolls around, I genuinely look forward to the release of the Lush Christmas products or more specifically the aforementioned shower gel. It's described as: 'Fabulously fruity, candy floss pink and sweet as sugar Shower Gel.' I honestly think this sums this beautiful product up completely! It says it's suitable for both body and hair - but I can't comment on the latter as I've never used it on my hair.

Secondly, Sweetie Pie shower jelly. This is literally the best invention ever. It smells amazing, the colour is gorgeous and it's just such a fun concept! The scent of this is: 'Cherry, coconut and cassis.' This product is full of iridescent glitter and the little pot lasts so long. I find the scent of this lingers on my skin for a really long time, which is brilliant!

Finally, another shower gel. This one's called Happy Hippy, I received this at the Southampton blogger meet up - so, thank you Lush! This one is described as a grapefruit scent, and I totally agree! It's such a fresh zesty product and is perfect if you need waking up in the morning. This lathers really well on the skin, and I just love the scent! 

What do you think of Snow Fairy?
Have you ever tried a shower jelly?


  1. Great post! I picked up my first bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel a few weeks ago. Yet I'm waiting till I finish my Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly to start on that. They're both really good products! :) x

    1. Thank you!
      Oooooh, I love both of those! Let me know what you think of Snow Fairy when you try it!xx

  2. I'm still yet to try the infamous snow fairy! Maybe this year will be the year hehe!

    1. Oooooh, really?
      I think this year is the year for sure!xx

  3. I have a mini bottle of Happy Hippy, need to get round to using it. I looooove Snow Fairy!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. Snow Fairy is so gorgeous! I stocked up last year on it, I've still got 4 bottles left and I'm gonna go back for more! And I have sweetie pie and happy hippy and love them both!

    Brogan xx

    1. Aaaah, wow!
      What a Snow Fairy collection you'll have!
      All the products just smell amazing!xx

  5. I would love to be able to use stuff like this, but I'm highly allergic to pretty much everything from lush...such a shame as it all looks and smells so lovely :) x