Tuesday 17 September 2013

What's In My Bag?

This actually isn't a Zara bag - I actually bought it in Primark the other day, and isn't it gorgeous?! It was only £8 which is amazing! It's really good quality and I absolutely love the size of it - it's not too big, but it's not too small either.

This is what I tend to carry around with me on a daily basis, well, when I'm not at school that is. As it's black it goes with most outfits, specifically as we head more into autumn/winter, which is brilliant.

First up, the more beauty related products... I'm obsessed with Soap and Glory's Hand Food so obviously, I carry around a mini in my bag. It's such a lovely smelling hand cream and it doesn't take long to soak in either. 

I have a little compact mirror from Bobbypin - quite a self-explanatory one, but definitely an essential.

Next up are two products from Bath and Body Works. A sweet pea hand sanitiser, and a  love, love, love fragrance mist. I bought the pair while in Florida last year, and they both smell incredible. They're also really quite cheap in comparison to similar products available - it's just such a shame we don't have any B&BW's in the UK.

I made the make up bag myself from a floral oilcloth material and an old zip. I'm planning on doing a separate what's in my makeup bag post - so look out for that!

I love my iPod. I use it all the time, so subsequently it goes everywhere with me! I upload stupid amounts of selfies on Instagram on it, stalk twitter, catch up with emails, read blog posts as well as listen to music and play games.

Another thing in my bag is my old bridge camera. I love having this with me as you never know when you might need want it. Like that spontaneous day out or the perfect background for an outfit post.

Probably the most important things in my bag - my purse and keys. I bought the little tan purse in Barcelona in February and it's still going strong! It was only a couple of Euros from a little boutique and I love it!

I have a variety of different key rings with the majority being gifts from friends holidays.

I have an Action Diary* which I use to write down post ideas and to work out what I'm doing when. It's also handy just to write down random notes or to do lists on each day of the week. Alongside the diary I have a pink pen - slightly irrelevant, but, is it just me that loves these pens?

Finally, I have a gift card for Dunelm Mill. If you read my recent homewear haul, you'll have read about my mission to spend all my voucher. But, alas it didn't happen. Well it did, just until I returned one of the items, so this is still in my bag from Sunday.

So, there we have it - the contents of my new bag!

What are your handbag essentials?
Do you like Primark's handbags?


  1. That's such a nice bag, and so good for the price too! xo

  2. That's such a pretty bag! And ahh I wish they had a Bath and Body Works over here, everyone seems to rave about that shop x

  3. Love the bag, such a bargain too:)


  4. That bag is gorgeous! I need a new bag, may have to treat myself.

    Peach Pow XO

  5. Lovely post, your bag is so nice too!


    Frankie xXx

  6. I cannot believe this bag is Primark!!


  7. Seriously that bag is so cheap!! And its lovely :)
    I love these whats in my bag posts, im so nosey. I'm going to do one this weekend.



    1. Yeah, definitely!
      Me to - let me know when it's up :)xx

  8. I picked up this bag in all the colours, I bloody love them! And they fit an iPad in too while still being able to be zipped up, bonus. :D

    1. Yeah, they're great aren't they!!
      Wow- that's fab!xx

  9. Love your bag! Doesn't look like Primark! x


  10. I love bath & body works hand sanitisers, they're so good! I've followed you on instagram now :)
    Water Painted Dreams

  11. I LOVE that bag and I need it in my life! £8 is such a bargain and it certainly does not look like it comes from Primark. Straight on my shopping list that one.

    Becka! :) x

  12. That bag is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! You got a total bargain there! Lovely post I'm a new follower ^^
    Merrie from The Chicc Boutique ♥