Saturday 28 September 2013

My New Glasses

This morning I went and collected my new glasses, and I love them. The last eye test I had was just over a year ago, and unfortunately, my sight has deteriorated slightly, but on the plus side it means I was able to get new glasses!

My Mum and I were looking around the stands in Specsavers, and the first pair spotted were these. I then tried on a whole plethora of other specs, but my heart was still with these.

They're from the Gok Wan range, and are tortoise at the top and a thin silvery gold rim at the bottom and they also have a little GW logo on the arms.

As for the quality, they're really sturdy and durable, and are a perfect fit for my face!

What do you think of my new glasses?
Do you wear glasses?


  1. I love your glasses! I wear glasses aswell but I wear contact lenses to school :)

    Alice x

  2. I love your glasses!
    I'm about to go for an eye test and I think it'll mean new glasses (stupid eye-sight). I'd really love some like these!

    -sarah xo

  3. They really suit you :) Go Gok!

    Katie <3

  4. I really like these. They suit you very well.

    Water Painted Dreams

  5. They look so nice on you! I sort of wish I needed glasses now- haha:)

  6. I love them, they really suit you! :) I need new glasses aha so may have a look around there. You look gorgeous x

  7. These look fab on you! I have the exact same pair - they were the first pair I tried on in Specsavers,whilst with my mum, after my eyes had gotten a bit worse over the year. Literally exactly the same as you haha spooky! Think you pull them off much better with blonde curls than I do with my dark fringe, I just look like moaning myrtle:p

  8. You are so lucky you suit these larger frames! They look gorgeous on you! I'm due for an eye test soon and really want an excuse for new glasses! x

  9. Such trendy glasses....kinda reminiscent of sultry secretary :)
    x x x
    The Lobster & Me