Wednesday 25 September 2013

A Not So Positive Review....

As most of you'll know I've recently become obsessed with cream eyeshadow, so when I spotted these Calvin Klein eyeshadows in Poundland a couple of weeks ago I decided I had to to give them a go.
First of all, the packaging is a simple plastic pot, with a lid the same colour as the shadow, but the actual packaging is quite cheap feeling which is a shame.

The shades I bought were Sage Shimmer and Sheer Nectar, which, in the pans look quite similar, but on the eye is a completely different story! The texture of these shadows is really quite dry, and isn't very creamy at all, thus making them quite difficult to apply without tugging here, there and everywhere.

The pigmentation however, is phenomenal, they're such pretty opaque shades and are definitely perfect for Autumn!
I haven't tried these with a primer underneath, but, it's fair to say the lasting power isn't very good. I find these shadows last about 2 or 3 hours on my lids before they start to fade and crease.
Overall I'm not very impressed with these as the lasting power isn't very good and I can't get on with the texture at all.

Have you tried these eyeshadows?
What do you think of Poundland beauty buys?


  1. I suspect the terrible quality is more to do with the fact it was found in Poundland. They're probably really old or have been stored incorrectly.


    1. Ooooooh, that's a very good point!
      Thank you Becky!xx

  2. what a shame as the colours look gorgeous! I agree with Beckys comment above, maybe its because they're old- I've had loads of good makeup finds in Poundland but I suppose you never really know what your getting. Either that or they were bad quality to start with which could be one of the reasons CK makeup was discontined x

    1. Yeah, they're so pretty!
      Ooooh, yeah!
      That's probaly why they were discontinued aha!xx

  3. It's such a shame because the colours look gorgeous xx

  4. That's a shame! The colors look so pretty and pigmented!

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  5. I reviewed these too...they start so well, then they are a big fat MEH.

    These Days are Fast

  6. I was so close to buying these from Poundland but steered clear of it, and after reading this I'm glad that I did! It's a shame though, they do seem like really pretty colours :)