Sunday 15 September 2013

A Homeware Haul

I've had a Dunelm Mill voucher lingering in my purse for nearly a year now, and today was the day, I finally decided to try and spend it all. Is it just me that loves buying little pointless bits to pop around my room? I mean, is there anything wrong with having 7 heart shaped ornaments? Obviously not.

I was wandering around the bedding section when I found this gorgeous beigey cream bedding with a lace trim. It's actually reversible and I love both sides which is brilliant! This was only £24.99 for a double bed size.

I bought 3 of the 99p photo frames as I've got a couple of photos I'd like to display around my room - including the photobooth prints from Topshop.

Another thing I picked up was a glass bowl/vase. I saw this and immediately thought of it for storing nail polishes or lip products, as I love how effortless glass looks. This was only £3.99 and it's such a good size!

When it gets colder and we head towards Christmas I LOVE having lots of fairy lights around my room, and when I saw these little decorative sets for only £2.99 apiece I had to get them! 

Finally an item that wasn't from Dunelm Mill: a white wooden organiser. I'm planning on using this on my dressing table to store all my everyday products in. I love the fact this has a drawer as it'll be perfect for mascaras and kohl pencils. I literally couldn't believe this was only £9.99 It's such good quality and I think it looks so gorgeous! Plus it's a good alternative to the Muji storage I was thinking about getting.

What do you think of the items I bought?
Do you like homeware shopping?


  1. I love the white wooden organiser! Might have to go pick up one myself seeing as it's only £9.99!:)

    Cerys x

  2. Oh wow the organiser is so cute! I love home ware shopping. I just wish I had a flat big enough to host all the gorgeous bit's I've seen!

    Kerys | Little Bo Blab

  3. The organiser is such a lovely storage option, perfect for everyday essentials! :) Xx

  4. Love your bedding and orhaniser.


  5. I love the wooden organiser and little fairy lights!
    Makes me want to make a little homeware wishlist and go to Ikea for little nic nacs!!

    Peach Pow XO

  6. I love all the things! What a good price for the frames.
    I don't know the shop, but it seems so romantic :)


    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, they're so inexpensive aren't they?!xx

  7. I'm looking to decorate my room in the next few weeks and I am always on the look out for some little bits to add to the decor. I will certainly be having a look in to Dunelm Mill..i'm a sucker for some good buys.
    Becka! :) x

  8. I love homeware stuff too! Everything looks so pretty!
    Katie x