Thursday 29 August 2013

Midi rings from Vanilla Shimmer

The packaging for these adorable rings is lovely! My midi rings* came in this pretty little box with mint green tissue paper, and Nia's business card.

Nia, aka Cherry Fashion, has recently set up her own online shop. The shop started off as a place for her to sell the adorable little dog bows she was making, as she'd already made too many for her own little dog. Nia then slowly started making some hair accessories and wire rings. As well as the bracelets that are now available!

My package was sent out on the Monday and it arrived on Wednesday, which is super speedy - considering they travelled all the way from Latvia!!

The rings are only $5 each and Nia handmakes each and every one of them! They're a gorgeous bright gold colour and they're all adjustable. So despite being midi rings you can make them bigger to fit anywhere on your finger or thumb!

I have two of the Chevron rings and one double spiral ring. And I love them! They're reversible so you can either have the little spirals showing or just the ring!

Do you like these rings?
What do you think of midi rings?


  1. These rings are adorable- I love Nia's blog too :)

  2. they are GORGEOUS! i am on the hunt for some more midi rings-thanks for the tip!


  3. These are so cute! I adore you blog, just sat for like 15 reading loads of your post, I'm a new follower now :) Your blog is awesome and I love your nail posts!

  4. They're so pretty and unique!

    New follower

  5. I'd never pull off midi rings with my sausage fingers but these are adorable! They look fab on you± xox