Saturday 17 August 2013

Italian Fashion Haul

My last post was my holiday beauty haul, and it was really well received. So, today I thought I'd do the fashion section of the haul for you today. Before I left, I obviously did quite a lot of holiday shopping, so I didn't really need any new clothes. 

The first thing is the striped navy maxi dress from Dani Group. It was only  €5.90. I'm quite tall, so this is a maxi/midi hybrid on me, but I absolutely love it! It looks so classy and elegant on, and I can't wait to style this! 

While at the outlet mall I bought this pink top in Roxy for only €5 It's made of a really soft, velvety fabric and was originally €25. I love the little frilly collar on the simple cami, I think it looks really delicate.This also has a racerback, and luckily doesn't have a massive Roxy logo all over it.

While we were away, we were told that visiting a market was a must do! So, we went to the Caorle market on the Saturday and had a browse. I found these two pairs of floral shorts for only €2 each. Which is probably the biggest bargain of the holiday. Surprisingly enough, they're actually made of a really good quality material.

I bought the little above the knuckle ring for €3 from a little shop and the typical holiday bracelet for €1.

I think I definitely kept my shopping to a minimum, and I actually need to sort through my wardrobe and get rid of a few things as it's nearly full.


  1. I absolutely adore the outfits! The shorts, especially are so cute! xo

  2. the shorts are so pretty!

    Great post,
    Zofia xo

  3. Ah I love Italian shopping! Those shorts are particularly amazing :) Those market finds are great too!

    XO, Abundance of Erica

    1. Me to!
      Yeah, they're really pretty :)
      Thank you! :)xx

  4. I love the floral shorts!
    will have to get me some
    Rachel XX

  5. I love that little silver ring with the pink stone. The shorts are incredible too!!

    Katie <3

  6. What great buys! I love the shorts, they're really pretty :)