Monday 12 August 2013

Foto Da Italia

On Saturday the 24th of July, I woke up at the horrible beautiful time of 3am, to drive with my family to Gatwick, to catch our flight to Italy.

We did a whole variety of things but instead of reeling off what we did each day, I thought I'd just tell you a few of the more interesting things that we did/happened.

The weather was amazing! It apparently reached 45°C the day we were wandering around Venice. So, obviously, we did lots of swimming at the pool and the beach. We also hired a pedalo with a curly slide twice during the fortnight, and that was brilliant fun! My sister and I, also hired a bike thing (technical term) a few times, which was equally as good! 

During the holiday, I ate enough pizza and ice cream to feed the country. Despite there being hundreds of flavours to choose from, my favourite was definitely chocolate. Although I did have a pineapple one, which was also really lovely.

While I was away, I did some shopping, so expect a haul soon! We visited both Venice and Verona, both of which were really good days out. While in Verona we went to Juliet's balcony, the Arena as well as Juliet's tomb.

Okay, can someone clear this up for me, was the character Juliet based on a real person, or was the tomb a load of nonsense?

Overall, I had a really lovely holiday. It was great having a relaxing break, but we've already got ideas for next year.... And let's just say, it might not be quite so relaxing...


  1. Venice and Verona, very jealous! I loved the photos, love Italy so so much :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Ah you went to Verona!! My hometown :) I hope you had a lovely time there.

    Sophie @ x

  3. Oh I've been to Venice and it is lovely. I really enjoyed it!
    I went with college, and we had a day trip planned for Verona. Well we turned up, and everyone was crowding in one area - we soon discovered that there had been an earthquake warning and the tutors quickly phoned our coach to pick us up again! So we got about an hour in Verona xD Didn't get to see Juliet's balcony!

  4. Ahh, I'm jealous! I've never been to Italy but it looks so beautiful! Lovely photos, you've really made me want to hop on the next plane to Venice, haha!


  5. Ahhhh Italy is the best place to visit. I went to Lake Garda last summer, and am off to my cousin's wedding in Sorrento next month. Can't wait! Your photos are stunning, I love the second from last one especially :)

    1. Yeah, definitely! The food alone is worth a visit!
      Wow! Sounds fab! Have a brilliant time!
      Thank you so much :)xx