Monday 15 July 2013

Miners LuXe Lips....

L-R: Beauty Queen, It Girl, Uptown Girl, Duchess and Material Girl.

I've never been a lip gloss kinda girl, I mean, pass me a lipstick and I'll use it any day. Whereas with lipglosses I'm a bit more, reserved. I've always thought all lip glosses were sticky. The sort that when the wind blows your hair is firmly stuck to your face.

The new Miners LuXe Lips* aren't like that at all, they're glossy but aren't sticky at all. I love the packaging of these, the tubes are a really good quality, thick plastic. The applicator is a little bristled brush and the logo is really simple but lovely.

The colours when swatched, appear really pigmented and opaque, but when applied to the lips are really quite sheer. They apply a nice glossy sheen of colour to the lips, and each shade looks completely different on the lips. The consistency is really lovely - quite thick, but still creamy.

These retail for £3.99 and you'll be able to buy them buy them here soon. 

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*press release but my thoughts are all my own.


  1. These look really lovely, the shades are so pretty xx


  2. Ohhh...I've Never Heard Of These Before..
    I Am Definitely A Hoarder Of Lip Glosses So These Would Add Nicely.
    Uptown Girl Looks To Be My Favourite So Far..I Bet It's A Great Summer Colour!

    oOo Becky oOo

  3. WOW those look amazing. Especially the more coral shades!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. Amazing colours here, these actually do look quite nice :)
    Amy xx
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  5. All the colors look great if I were to but one I'd be so undecided