Tuesday 18 June 2013

little updates......(P.S. I'd love your feedback!)

Okay, so today's post is going to be a different post to usual, It's just going to be a little round up of everything that's going on and happening here on Becca's Fashion and Life.

So I'm still not 100% sure about what exactly is going on with GFC. Some people are saying it's being removed in a couple of weeks. Other people are saying we have a few months and some bloggers are saying GFC isn't going at all. But to make sure I don't lose you all, I'd love it if you could all keep up to date with my blog, by following me on Bloglovin' here.

I've also recently update my blog design. I've made a new header but I'm yet to change the actual layout. Are there any widgets/features you'd like me to code into my layout? What else would you like to see on my blog?

Finally, I'm thinking of creating a new fashion series. What do you think of "What I'm Wearing" as the name?

I'd love your opinions on everything I've mentioned!

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  1. The "What I'm wearing" sounds good to me! xo

  2. 'What I'm wearing' sounds good - a little different to the regular OOTD titles.