Thursday 20 December 2012

Nailvent 20.12.12

Hiya everyone! Today's Nailvent is called: Twinkling Fairy Lights. I got the inspiration for this look from Pinterest.

For this nail art I painted all of my nails with a creamy pinky colour. I then used small piece of black cotton and placed it on the nail while the polish was still wet. I then used a dotting tool and some darker festive coloured polishes to create the lights. I finally finished by painting the nail with a topcoat.

Today's Christmas picture was from here - I definitely want to try these out myself!


  1. So clever using a bit of cotton, love these nails and the previous xmas pud ones!! Those cakes look amaze!!! X

  2. I like the twinkly lights. So cute! The cupcakes look delicious. Using a strawberry as a Santa hat is such a wonderful idea.
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    1. Thank you so much! Yeah definitely - I really want to try and bake them so much :)