Sunday 2 December 2012

Nailvent 02.12.12

Today's nail look is a bit of a strange one but anyway here's it is:

This look is called: An Alternative Christmas Tree

I started with a dark forest green nail polish this particular one is Nails Inc Emerald Street. I then used a thin angled nail art brush with a Wet and Wild white polish to create the Christmas tree. I then used a gold from 17 and simply added a blob under the tree.

Finally, here's today's Christmas picture of the day. I have been Christmas shopping all day and now I'm enjoying Miracle on 34th Street on tv. I hope you like my new 'bright' hair.

Sorry for the poor picture quality - my camera doesn't like the dark


  1. I love your new bright hair! I think you should keep it all year round! He he!

    1. Aww wow thank you!!

      I actually re-did it myself it was so easy!! I could do a tutorial if you wanted ;) Hahahaha

  2. lol. what a good way to "brighten" your hair. wow. those nails are really creative.