Friday 23 November 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas.............. Lush

My last post was the first instalment of my Christmas gift guides. So here's the next in the series.

The shop I chose was Lush, as some of you may know I love Lush and they have some really cute gift boxes out at the moment, so I thought I may as well show you my favourites.

Festive Cheer: This gift set includes a mini bottle of the new Ponche shower gel and the Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub. I haven't tried either of these products but you can't really go wrong with Lush can you? Especially as this is only £8.95

Mr Frosty: I'm sorry - but isn't this really cute? It's one of the re-usable cloth wraps containing 3 bath products. They are: Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, Big Blue and Cinders. I haven't tried any of these either, but they look lovely! At £11.95 this is great for a secret santa gift!

Hello Gorgeous: This gift not only has a really cute name, but the products included look fantastic. They are: The Comforter, Vanilla Dee-Lite, Rub Rub Rub, Think Pink and Gorgeous. I think I've already mentioned this on my blog or in one of my youtube videos, but I absolutely The Comforter. At £20.95 this is a great Christmas gift for a friend!

Think Pink: I know this is quite expensive at £50.95 but it certainly contains lots and lots of products! The exact products are: Think Pink, Rose Queen, Twilight, Sex Bomb, Creamy Candy, The Comforter, Melting Marshmallow Moment, Helping Hands, Rock Star, The Godmother,Turkish Delight, Fair Trade foot lotion, Bubblegum lip scrub and finally a Rose Jam Bubbleroon. So when it's put like that it's definitely worth the hefty price tag! 


  1. So cute, I love LUSH gifts! Especially their winter stuff :)

  2. Love Lush great post, pink one is the one I would want :).

    I'm running a GIVEWAY open to everyone!:)

  3. I'm currently in love with so many of the Lush Christmas goodies - the Santa scrub and Snowman bath bomb set you've posted are adorable and ideal for gifts!


  4. I'd be ridiculously happy if someone got me one of these gift sets for Christmas! The Think Pink one is really cute xx

    1. Aww - the products in them are really nice as well as looking cute!!

  5. that mr frosty is so cute--i might need him for myself

  6. That snowman is fab. I love Lush, have been using it for about 20 years (I live in the town the Lush is based in)

    Lisa x

  7. I love Lush too!!

    I also live there to!
    What a small world!!