Sunday 23 September 2012

A Quick Veuxdoo Wishlist.....

I was recently followed on Twitter (@beccasfandl) by a shop called Veuxdoo, and I had to look at what they have for sale. They're quite a new store - but they stock modern and vintage pieces.

They have about 30 items on their site and I've chosen 3 that I really love at the moment. There were so many lovely pairs of shorts and crop tops - however with the weather here in England, it may as well be winter right now - so they wouldn't be appropriate.

First up is this I Love NY Top. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on my blog before but I would LOVE to go to New York. I love wearing big baggy oversized tshirts tucked into high waisted shorts/trousers with the sleeves rolled up. I'm not sure quite what draws me to this 'trend' but it's definitely one that I like.

My next item is the Studded Biker Jacket. I have a brown leather jacket but I love the look of this black one. The fit looks lovely and I'm currently in LOVE with studs/spikes. I think leather jackets look really classy with dresses but they can also make a boring outfit look interesting.

The final thing is the Khaki Studded Cross Top. I'm loving the colour khaki at the moment - I'm not sure why, but I definitely am! I think this would look lovely tucked into black/navy acid wash jeans or a pair of burgundy trousers. I love that the cross on this top is quite subtle - but it still adds a nice amount of detail.