Sunday 8 July 2012

What's In My Bag?

After the blog post I wrote yesterday ... (here) about what's in my on the go make up bag, i thought I would blog about what is in my actual bag. I do chop and change, when it comes to what bag I am using, but the contents is always the same.

My bag is from ebay. I can't quite remember the price or the seller, but I do however remember it took weeks to arrive. This is because it came all the way from China. Saying that I do remember it being less than £20. I originally bought it, too use for school, however it wasn't quite big enough. There is one large compartment, and a zipped compartment and a mobile phone pocket inside. It has a zip doing the whole bag up, so nothing falls out. On the outside there is a twisty clasp, and two poppers, which look like the bag is buckled up. It has gold hardware and black trimmings. It is made of a pink leather, fake, but still great quality. I did however notice, that one time I was carrying this around at school, while it was raining. The paint from the strap rubbed onto my white shirt, only a little bit. But it was still noticeable, a pink stain was left on the shoulder of my shirt. The lining isn't very good, but you don't see it, when you are carrying the bag around.

So, on to the contents, of this retro looking satchel:

My purse- just an old black, real leather purse from Next. I don't like it very much but it is very useful. It has multiple compartments, and the coin part is massive. One of the reasons I don't like it is because it has silver hardware, but as you know, my bag has gold hardware. However when I do switch bags, it does go better with some of my others. 

I have multiple hair bands, hair clips and bobby pins. Very useful if I want to tie my hair up, or clip back those fly-aways, that always get in the way. I must start keeping them in a bag or my make up bag, because whenever I do need them, I can't find them.

I have an A5 cupcake notebook, in my bag. i use this for writing: to do lists, ideas and doodling on, if I need something to pass the time. I also have a biro in my bag somewhere which I use with this.

I also keep my camera case in my bag, containing my camera-obviously. I keep my camera in a hardback, protecting case. But then I put that in the vintage looking leather pouch. It was from H&M a few months ago, and was only £1 in the sale. It looks nicer than the red hardback case, and also protects my camera even more. Also if I decide that I don't want to carry my whole bag around with me, I can just take my camera out of it and put my phone, keys, money and lip balm in it. And use it as a wristlet.

I keep headphones in my bag, these are just the standard apple ones you get with every iPod etc. Annoyingly mine always seem to get tangled up, even if I spend ages putting them away carefully. I just keep these in my bag, so they are there if I want to listen to some music.

In my bag there is also, a packet of face wipes. These are just some cleansing face wipes, I picked up while in Asda. They aren't fantastic but they are perfect for keeping in my bag. I keep these with me in case I want to: re-do my make up, wipe my face, after eating or if it comes to it using to clean my hands.

I also keep a little book of sticky notes in my bag. They are really handy if I need to quickly write something down, or give someone my email address or phone number. They are are pink with hearts on, but all different sizes.

In my bag I also keep my on-the-go make up bag. Click here to read my previous blog post, about its contents.

♥ I have another make up bag. But this time instead of containing, make up I keep essential skincare/random travel sized products.
 It contains:

  •  A packet of Halls Soothers - I had a sore throat a couple of weeks ago, and these were my saving grace. 
  • A mini breath spray- does what it says on the tin. It's from Primark and was 50p. I use this all the time, and I still have loads of it left, which surprises me greatly.
  • A mini Impulse body spray, in true love- I love spraying this, and I swear, I am always spraying myself, and other with this stuff.
  • A Hand sanitiser from M&S, in the scent "soft coral"- this claims to be moisturising, which it certainly is. I use this all the time also.
  • A Norwegian Formula hand cream- I find this too be very moisturising and it sinks in to my skin, very quickly. I like to use this after I use the hand sanitiser, to ensure that my hands are soft and moisturised.

♥  I also keep my phone, and sometimes my iPod in my bag, but they are charging etc.


  1. hey found you through bloghop loving the blog

  2. I did a "what's in my (crap) bag" a few weeks ago, some people couldn't believe how many trash a woman can carry in a purse ;)
    Hey from the blog hop
    The Amazing World Of J

  3. Hi, found you through the blog hop! Love seeing what's in other people's bags - I carry around sooo much stuff in mine! x

    1. Awww thank you for reading :D

      Sometimes I end up with the strangest things in mine.