Friday 20 July 2012

Lush VIP Event....

Ages ago I was in my local Lush, when the cashier gave me a leaflet. I hurriedly stuffed it in my bag without looking at it. When I emptied my bag later on, I found that the leaflet was all about becoming a Lush VIP. So, I filled out the form and handed it in at the store, and completely forgot about it.

You can imagine my surprise, when last week Lush emailed me about a VIP event. To which I RSVP'd saying I'd love to go. I knew it was about 'Emotional Brilliance' from the email but that was about it, until I read Fleur's blog post on it here.

When my Mum and I arrived, we were greeted with refreshments and a warm welcome. The drinks and cupcakes had the cutest labels. They reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

The evening started off with an introduction to the new range...

It contains eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners and a mascara. This range, will be officially launched tomorrow, the 21st of July.

During the evening, everyone had a chance to have a colour therapy reading. Basically this consisted of choosing 3 colours, from a wheel of colours which all signify something. These colours are then available to buy as one of the aforementioned products. If you want to have your own colour therapy reading done, just pop into Lush today!!

I swatched loads of products on my hand, but I stupidly washed them off, before I had the chance to photograph them. One of my favourite products, from the new range, is "Emotional Brilliance". It's a light translucent powder. I only used a little on my hand, but from the little I did use, it felt really silky and lovely.

At the VIP event I was able to try out any of the products from the new range. One of my other favourite products is the mascara, "Eyes Right". I loved this mascara, as it contains only natural ingredients, like all Lush products, which is always a good thing.

It wasn't the most volumising of mascaras but it definitely lengthened  my lashes. It's priced at £12, and definitely worth it. I would recommend popping into Lush and testing it for your self.

So, having seen all of the products- I do love this new line, but it is on the pricier side, compared to other "drug store" make up, so spoil yourself with a little treat.

These were the results of my colour therapy....
If you get it done, add a comment sharing your results.

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