Saturday 28 July 2012

Holiday Essentials All For £1 Or Less...

From the title you're probably thinking, what is she on about? £1??

Anyway, I have been doing some shopping for when I go to America. I have been setting myself a budget, as I would rather spend all my money while I'm over there, so this is what I have compiled so far....

Pantene Ice Shine Conditioner. 99p
I have been recommended this to me by my friend because apparently it's amazing. It's a lightweight conditioner- which is going to be good in the hot weather. It also claims to give you hair that's full of life and shine. I'm not sure if it actually does this - but I'll be sure to let you know!

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo. 99p
I know its supposedly better to have the matching shampoo and conditioner - but unfortunately they didn't have them while I was shopping. So here is the next best thing,. I chose this shampoo as it smells amazing and is supposed to protect your hair from split ends.

Malibu Sun Protection Lotion For The Face. 99p
I had never heard of this brand, but while I was looking around I came across it. It is supposedly moisturising and is factor 15. On the back it says "Ideal as a daily moisturiser", so I was thinking of using it as that. So when I go on holiday, I can just apply a higher SPF over the top as my 'actual' sun cream.

3 in 1 Make Up Removal Wipes. £1
These are the Natura cleansing facial wipes, the 3 in 1, make up removing value triple pack. So essentially they are perfect for what I need them for. I am going to use them to take my make up off, whether it be at night, during the day to touch up my make up, or just to refresh my face in the morning. I have never used these before, but there's a first time for everything. They are also fragrance free for sensitive skin, which is always a good thing. Within the bundle there are 3 individual packets each containing 25 face wipes.

Primark Cotton Cosmetic Pads. £1
In the packet you get 160 for a pound, which in my opinion is an amazing price. I have never used them before, but I'm not sure what could go wrong? I'm going to be using them for removing nail polish, or with eye make up remover. They are the quilted style and are average size.

Primark Travel Bottle Set. £1
I have been looking around for one of these sets with the mini empty bottles. But, the ones I have seen have always been 4 or 5 pounds - which really doesn't fit in with my 'pre-holiday spending ban.' So when I saw this, I just had to buy it. It contains 3 x 100ml bottles and 3 small containers - (imagine a Body Shop lip butter). I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to put in each one, but I know they're going to be really handy.

Primark Volume Boost Mascara. £1
I'm not a big fan of expensive mascaras, and this is my third tube of this Primark one. I find it really darkens and volumises my lashes. However, this one has different packaging so I hope it's still the same formula. Also if it dries up while in my bag on holiday I woun't mind as it only cost me £1.

Primark Bag. 50p
I think this is a bikini bag - but I'm not too sure. Its a coral colour with white polka dots and zips up at the top and has a lining. The lining is a white waterproof material which will be good as I'm planning on putting my shower gels, shampoo, conditioner etc in it. This was only 50p in the sale - so a complete bargain!!

I bought all of these things from either: a 99p store, Primark or Savers.


  1. I love the smell of malibu suncream, reminds me of all my holidays! Lovely post xo

    1. Mmmmm, me toooo!! Awww, I've never tried a Malibu Suncream :D
      Thank you :Dxx

  2. There are some pretty impressive bargains here. Expecially considering the size of some of the products!

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