Friday 5 August 2016

Room Tour

I never know what to say in these sorts of posts, other than welcome to my room I guess? I spend waaay too long in here, not that I'm particularly ashamed of that, especially as I'm finally 99.87% happy with it, and all the decor. I wasn't sure whether to list where everything is from, under each picture, but a lot of what's featured isn't for sale anymore, sorry! 

That being said, you can read about the memo board here, and if you're super observant you may even be able to spot the bits I picked up from the Homesense event (post here) dotted around the place. A lot of the furniture in my room is from the mothership; Ikea, as well as quite a few of the accessories. I stuffed the blue cushion (featured on my bed) in my suitcase and it travelled all the way back from Florida with me last year. I spotted it in Target and just couldn't leave it behind.

The prints on my wall were all from Etsy, I just searched monochrome prints and bought the first four I liked the look of. They're nothing fancy by any means, but I like how they look on that otherwise bare wall. One other thing to note is, of course, the chairdrobe. What is a room without one?! If you're not aware, a chairdrobe is essentially just a chair that's stacked sky high with clothes, and I'm sooo guilty of having one.  

I was just trawling through the BF&L archives and just found two other room tour posts, and oh my. how my style has changed!! If you're interested you can view those here and here

Are you guilty of having a chairdrobe?