Sunday 18 October 2015

My Love

I love this phone case. It's perfect. I love the colours, photos, finish, size, everything. The top photo is from Tumblr (as visiting NYC is at the top of my goals of things to do) but the other three are my own. I took the palm tree one this summer while in Florida, the top left one with my boyfriend at the beach in July, and the bottom one was at my friend Sam's 18th party a couple of weeks ago.

When Caseapp offered me the chance to design and try out my own phone case I was rather sceptical. I've seen a fair few dodgy personalised cases in my time, and I was worried that what would arrive would be blurry and cheap looking, but it wasn't. I'm over the moon with it. I'd just like to add that even my biology teacher has commented on how lovely it is.

The hardest part of the process was getting the photos to fit within the allotted frames, I spent ages putting my collage together, and during this time tried a whole multitude of different photos. With standard delivery, this beauty only took 6 days to arrive. Amazing. (You can also pay for faster delivery if you wish)

At £19, this case is a bit of a luxury compared to a £1.99 eBay special, but I genuinely think it is worth investing in, and if anything happens to this one, I'll definitely be ordering a replacement!

(P.S. If you'd like to order your own, the code 'BECCACASE' will get you 20% off!)