Tuesday 30 June 2015


I'm not sure how many of you will already know this, but I currently have a Saturday job working as a florist. I never imagined that my first 'proper' job would involve me creating bouquets for customers? It's fair to say I'm not the most creative of people, nor am I the most practical. Nonetheless, since working there I've learnt quite a lot about flowers and floristry, so when Appleyard London contacted me, and offered to send me a bouquet, I was so excited for it to arrive.

I must admit I chose the Bellini Bouquet purely for the roses within it, they are gorgeous. The flowers arrived in a block of oasis foam, already hand-tied into a bouquet. Including delivery, this bouquet retails at £41.99, which if I'm honest I think is quite good. The flowers themselves are of really good quality, and they're presently equally well. 

I've had them sat in a vase for quite a few days now, and they're still looking as lovely as they did when they arrived. Appleyard London have been kind enough to offer a discount for you all of 33% off with the code BLOG33, (although it does exclude the flowers by post range.)


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  1. What a gorgeous bouquet
    How lovely that you work in a florist. I love visiting florists and choosing a little bunch to take home. So nice to treat yourself every once in a while

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear