Sunday 8 June 2014

This Week I... (#37)

Started the 30 day abs challenge. I swear exam season is a catalyst for snacking... Seriously. With prom coming up I've decided to complete the aforementioned challenge. It's essentially just sit ups, crunches, leg raises and a plank each day. But gradually you build up the number you do...

Found my Wreck This Journal. I was literally obsessed with this last year, but I've only recently found it again. It's such good fun and I'd definitely recommend getting one! I feel like I've spent ages doing it - yet I've probably only completed about 10%

Have been obsessed with playing this game. Another rediscovery... I literally haven't been on the Wii for years, but all of a sudden I fancied a quick rendition of Billie Jean, and I've played it basically everyday since. 

Made sweet potato fries. Yum. I followed Charlotte's recipe, and they turned out really well! It was so simple to do, plus they didn't take too long to make either! If you like sweet potato, I'd definitely recommend giving them a go!



  1. I adore sweet potato so much, I always make it into a healthy mash and it's delicious!

    Frankie Boo Blog

  2. Ooh thanks for linking to the sweet potato fried recipe, definitely going to try it! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  3. Just downloaded that app! You shared it at just the right time for me!

    amber love

  4. I looove sweet potatoes fries :)
    Miki xx

  5. Love your blog! follow me on gfc or bloglovin?