Sunday 20 April 2014

This Week I... (#29)

Had the nicest snack. I had a sudden craving for pancakes topped with fruit, after seeing one too many Instagram posts, so I obviously had to go at creating my own. I love pancakes, and raspberries are my favourite, so it's fair to say these went down a treat.

Have been loving this glorious weather. It's made such a nice change to have sunny days, and it's fair to say my wardrobe has reflected this. I even ventured to the beach yesterday, for the first time this year.

Added some more decorations to my room. Yay. I'm loving the progress to my room, and I can't wait to inject some more colour! Plus, shall we just take a minute out of our day to play 'Spot The Blogger.' 

Bought the cutest earrings. Good ol' Accessorize. Without going into too much gory detail, I had an incident involving an allergic reaction to the back of an earring I was wearing, so I tend to stick to only sterling silver earrings. So when I spotted these beauties, I obviously had to buy them.

Started a new running programme. And so far so good. I'm actually really enjoying it - which, to be honest, is rather surprising. I'm going to dedicate a whole post on it, over on my fitness blog, so do head over there in the next week, if you're interested.

What have you done this week?



  1. I started a new running programme as well!Surprisingly enough, I'm enjoying it as well.(even tho i hated running for the most of my life) It's very relaxing in fact. x

  2. You've totally just made me crave pancakes! Interested to hear about the running programme, I'm trying to improve my running but I really don't enjoy it! x

  3. Those earrings are so pretty and you cant beat pancakes mm xxx

  4. I love Pancakes, yours look yummy
    Cute earrings
    Rachel XX

  5. Aww cute I'm on your wall! Haha it's quite a bad squinty photo of me though! Cute nonetheless xx

  6. Those pancakes are incredible! I got a random urge to start running lately, maybe I'll take it up for a change! xx

  7. I like this post...I was wondering if we could follow each other? Do visit my blog and let me know and I will follow you back right away!
    Happy Easter
    the joys of being paige x