Tuesday 11 March 2014

Skincare First Impressions...

I've recently been on a bit of a skincare kick, and so thus have bought a few new products. Just for reference: I have combination skin - with the typical teenager oily t-zone and accompanying dry cheeks. Now, I know I'm no skincare guru, but I thought I'd give you my two cents worth.

Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser - I really like this. I'm currently using this as the second stage of my double cleanse, and it's working really well for me. It leaves my skin feeling really nourished yet cleansed at the same time.

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean - Now, this is a product I've heard so many people talking about - and I can see why. I love the scent - it's really fresh and peachy, which is why it's currently part of my morning skincare routine. It leaves my skin feeling really clean, but not at all stripped. This is also marketed as a mask, but that's something I haven't tried yet.

Simple Toner - My beloved Origins Zero Oil toner is running low, and at £18.50 I currently can't quite justify repurchasing it. So the hunt for a replacement began. Now, this isn't a dupe by any stretch of the imagination, but I like it. It's really basic - but I think that's why I like it.

Have you tried any of these products?
What's your favourite toner?



  1. I love the Peaches & Clean! Wasn't expecting it to live up to the hype but it most definitely does :) xx

  2. I've obviously been living under a rock as I've never heard anything about Peaches and Clean but it sounds great!

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  3. I'll definitely have to try the Peaches & Clean!x


  4. I recently bought the Simple Toner and I think I like it for exactly the same reason as you! It's basic, but it does leave my face feeling rather fresh!