Wednesday 26 February 2014

Warning: Real Or Fake?!

I love my Naked 2 palette. The shadows are buttery and pigmented, and there's literally every neutral colour you could ever need, all cased in a lovely palette. I received this for Christmas from my parents, after a bit of a struggle trying to get hold of one. 

They were sold out everywhere, and in the end my Dad managed to surprise me with one that was in stock on eBay. But by the time that had arrived, Debenhams had them back in stock and Mum and I had already picked one up, ready to wrap up for the 25th. Which basically meant I was left with two Naked 2 palettes... Or so I thought. 

It was only when I looked at the palette from eBay that I realised that it was in fact, a fake. And a good one at that. So, here are a few of the differences I've noticed, with the fake so far:
- The tin is a different metallic shade and the writing is a different colour
- The actual palette is poorly put together - the pans don't fit perfectly, plus it generally feels a bit cheap
- The brush is completely different
- A few of the shadows are odd colours, but to be honest, most look similar
- The actual texture of the shadow is completely different 
And finally, the box is definitely the biggest give away. Who knew Foxy was a bright orange shadow?

Oh, and to put all your minds at rest, I haven't actually used the fake anywhere near my eyes - so there's no need to worry! 

So, to conclude be very careful when buying products on eBay, they're not all genuine. I would link the palette, but this listing has since been removed.

Have you ever bought any makeup on eBay?
Can you tell which is the fake in each photo?



  1. My boyfriend recently bought me the Naked 3 Palette from eBay as a birthday present, as soon as I opened it I could tell it was a fake just by the poor quality of packaging, and like you say all the eyeshadow pans weren't fitting right. He even paid almost £35 for it! Luckily we opened a case through eBay and got the money back, but it's shocking how people think it's okay to sell these fakes for such stupid prices too!

    Not to mention all the dangerous chemicals that could be in the eyeshadows!

    Great post, I'm sure this will be really helpful to a lot of readers! :)

    Laura x

  2. Wow this is really obvious next to the original but I can imagine if you didn't have the original next to it to compare it would be harder to tell! So dangerous and really worrying as well. Bless your poor Dad thinking he was getting it for you though, I do worry about eBay for things like this. Thanks for doing this post! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. I never trust ebay for things like this, too much Fake Britain has made me very aware! Recently borrowed my friends GHDs which turned out to be fake and they've completely fried my hair so I know how dangerous fakes can be!

  4. I bought a fake benefit mascara once from Ebay and it was AWFUL. Unlucky about the palette, sneaky!

    Sophie x

  5. Yep, my Naked 2 palette is a fake one from eBay. I've used it a few times, don't worry i haven't had any sort of reaction or anything from them but you can definitely tell it's a fake. The pigmentation is shocking, and the lasting power isn't great at all.


  6. great post, i never buy much from ebay because of this reason!


  7. Thanks for sharing the information. Good to know hot to differentiate between the two.

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  8. I would like to have an inspired palette, but a fake definitely no! and there are people who spend money on thinking how to do the best fake...what a sad thing! Very interesting post ;)
    Cary from Italy

  9. I think the lesson is to just never buy make up from ebay. I bought a 'MAC' Liberty London lipstick from ebay and the minute that arrived I knew it was fake. I didn't pay that much for it (in hindsight that's a massive giveaway!) so I wasn't too bummed but with eyeshadows and mascaras you just never know if it's going to break out a reaction. Always worth waiting for it to come back in stock and order from a reputable website.
    Nina from little nomad

  10. Wow ! I think the selling of fakes it 'ok' in the right way i mean if they charge for instance £5 you know its not real, buti thin the should state dupe, style, or like etc. Them charging the same price is very wrong i know a lot of people sell fake MAC on ebay too !

    I tend to stick to people rather than businesses when buying makeup on ebay if they don't state if its real or fake as a person is likely to are more about feedback and are often less likely to sell fakes. but ebay you never can tell eh !


  11. Wow thats bad. I can't believe people can feel okay with saying to people its the same thing when its not.