Sunday 9 February 2014

This Week I... (#19)

Got Netflix. Yep, I'm probably the last person to jump on the ol' bandwagon, but, yeah. Anyway, Breaking Bad is so good - I'm obsessed. I'm only on episode 5, so please don't leave any spoilers in the comments! 

Joined Debenhams' Beauty Club. Well, I think I should take this opportunity to say goodbye to all my money. I mean, free delivery?! Who can resist? I currently have my eyes on a couple more Urban Decay products as well as another YSL lipstick to add to my little collection.

Am wearing In The Navy. I'd never tried a Models Own polish before I made a little online order, during their recent sale. I will be posting a haul with all the things I bought. But for now, I love this polish. It's such a pretty dark navy!

Decided I want to remake old photos. I've seen so many of these online recently, and they're just so eye catching. I haven't started this little project yet, but when I do, I'll certainly keep you updated! But for now, it's time to choose the photos!

Tried bubble tea. I'm going to be honest, I wasn't that impressed. The 'bubbles' were actually really nice, I just didn't like the 'tea.' It was sort of like a thin, runny, strawberry milkshake with a bizarre after taste.

What have you done this week?
Have you seen Breaking Bad?



  1. BREAKING BAD- oh how I miss that show. I'm even considering re-watching the whole 5 series' because It's just so amazing. Great post!x

  2. I'm currently on Season 3 of Breaking Bad and I wasn't keen at first but now I love it!! So if you're captured at Episode 5... you will be blown away as the series continues haha!
    alicekatex ♥

  3. nearly at the end of breaking bad Ive stopped watching them for a while don't want it end! x

  4. I only started watching Breaking Bad a couple of weeks ago and i'm nearly at the end of season 5 now and just don't want it to end - its SO good! Remaking old photos sounds like such a great idea xx

  5. I have a Debenhams Beauty Card but I hardly splurge on beauty products there so all my points expired after a year haha. Ooh I really like bubble tea, you should try going to a bubble tea cafe, it's probably a lot nicer than bubble tea from a can.

  6. I haven't watched breaking bad yet but everyone talks about it so I want to!
    I've also never tried bubble tea - what even is it?! xo

  7. I've always wanted to remake old photos, it's seems like such a fun thing to do!x

  8. My brother recently got netfliks and I've been taking advantage of all the fab shows, I haven't actually seen Breaking Bad yet, but it's on my list :)
    xxx Claire