Sunday 2 February 2014

This Week I... (#18)

Have been obsessed with Flappy Birds. If you don't already have it, don't download it. It's stupidly addictive. And. So. Difficult. I literally have a high score of 5, and that's taken a few days of practising. Essentially, you're a little bird, you tap the screen to dodge the green pipes. Sounds simple doesn't it... Don't be fooled!
Became part of the #TopcornTribe. Thank you Metcalfe's! I hadn't realised that there were more flavours of popcorn, than just: salted, sweet or toffee. Some of the flavours in the box were: 'Wasabi Glaze' 'Heat and Sweet' and 'Chocolate Crackle'. Mmmmm.
Had my watch resized. Wooo! I can finally wear this beauty! I've honestly received so many compliments on it. The colour especially! Plus I feel really important, when wearing a watch. Just me?! 

Won an amazing giveaway. Maddy from Gypsy Wardrobe recently held a giveaway to win the cutest pamper pack ever. And guess who won? So, I'd like to take a minute to say a massive thank you to Maddy! The pyjamas are the cutest!
Reorganised my makeup. Things were starting to look cluttered, so now I've gone for a very minimalistic approach, because I definitely think less is more. I'm planning on buying a new desk or dressing table, so when I do, I'll definitely give you a full tour! 



  1. Great post! I really love you're blog, and I've not missed a post since following :) That's not meant to sound creepy or anything aha.. Anyway, I've tagged you to do the 30 Questions Tag! I hope you'll have a go at it :) xo

  2. I am also addicted to flappy bird haha, and funnily enough my high score is also 5. It is so hard and it has resulted in me wanting to chuck my phone across the room a few times. Loved this post :)

  3. Flappy Bird is the worst! haha I just can't stop, I saw a really good tip though! Apparently it's easier if you aim for the bottom pipe and the pressed it before you hit it. :)

    This is a cool post, and I really like your photography! So bright and vibrant :) x

  4. I've been obsessed with flappy bird as well, my highest is 13 :) I know people that are on 90 haha

  5. Haha, I've seen everyone talking about flappy bird which makes me not want to try it, I'm so stubborn - haha!
    That's such a cute giveaway prize and a great idea.
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  6. Gorgeous photos!
    Those socks look so cosy :)


  7. My friend reached 102 pipes on Flappy Bird today! I have NO idea how, I think he's a wizard.x

  8. Ohh nooo not Flappy Bird! Haha, jk. I think it's a fun game as long as one doesn't become too obsessed. Also, I really love your watch!

  9. That game is absolutely lethal, so addictive that when I lose I might just throw my phone! Haha.
    I haven't tried Skinny Topcorn before, I definitely need to get me some of that!

    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

  10. I too have played flappy birds and your score is high compared to mine, my high score is 1 haha
    great post
    Rachel XX