Monday 24 February 2014

New In: Fashion

Recently I've felt the need to not only wear, but buy all the monochrome pieces ever made. Oh, and when an item has free delivery, you have to buy it. Correct? And lastly, if you go into Primark and leave without finding anything you like, it's completely normal to overcompensate in Topshop. 

I've been looking for a simple striped t-shirt for a while, but every style I've seen has never been quite right. However, when I spotted this little Tophsop number, I new it would be perfect. It was only £14, which I couldn't believe as it is literally exactly what I've been looking for, and I was ready to spend way more than that.

Gingham. My new obsession. High waited jeans. My other obsession. Gingham Joni jeans with free delivery. Bought. I ordered these on Thursday (after Wednesday's wishlist post) and they arrived on Saturday morning. Wow. Anyway, back to the jeans. They're so comfortable and I literally can't wait to show you them in an outfit post.

One of  the other things in the aforementioned wishlist was a cardigan from Monki. It was perfect. But, it £40, and considering we're nearing spring it seemed impractical. So when in H&M I spotted one similar for exactly half the price, I had to buy it. And there we have it, that concludes my -oh so colourful, spring appropriate - half term fashion haul.

What do you think of these pieces?
Are you excited for spring?



  1. Lovely post! I am going to buy those joni jeans now! They look amazing! Thank you for sharing xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  2. I have the same Topshop striped top and have worn it loads already! It's so simple but really versatile. Cute jeans too xx