Thursday 23 January 2014


Yep, A very natural make up look, perfect for everyday wear! So, I'm a villager in my local pantomime show, so here's my FOTD. At our society we don't do our own makeup, (so excuse the streaks) which is a shame, as it would be so much fun!

Plus, foundation is well and truly out of the window when it comes to our shows. Leaving orange stage makeup as its replacement. Also, if some of you weren't aware - the stage lights really wash out colour when on stage. Hence the bright orange face. Also, can we all take a moment to appreciate the white border around my lips. Tres chic.

Now, streaks and patches aside, this literally lasted 10 hours straight (12pm-10pm), which I'm rather impressed by! Although, I don't think I'll be converting to face paint any time soon.

What do you think of this natural FOTD?
Is bright purple eyeshadow your thing?



  1. Hahahah love your makeup! Defo gonna try this look ;-)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Hehe, I enjoy doing stage makeup but it always looks so ridiculous before the actors are under the lights eh!!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  3. Ha ha, this looks pretty cool if you were in on stage - i wouldn't know where to start :) xx

  4. haha lovely post!

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  5. I miss panto but I can leave the orange face, applied with a massive sponge to a queue of people haha xx