Sunday 1 December 2013

This Week I... (#10)

Whipped out the little tree in my room. I've been waiting patiently for days, for it to reach the first of December. Then bam. This morning, I put up my tree. I decided that this year I wanted to go for a really pretty girly theme, hence the pink rose garland and metallic snowflakes. I think we're putting the big tree up later, which is definitely one of my favourite things about Christmas.  

Had a beautiful Nandos. Honestly is there anything better than a mango and lime chicken burger, with peri peri salted chips. Nope, I think not. Do you want to know what makes it even better? It was in London surrounded by some lovely bloggers - but more on that soon!

Enjoyed my first advent chocolate of the season. My sister and I bought Cadbury's ones weeks ago, and they've just been sat there, waiting to be eaten. Then yesterday Dad found 19p (?!?!?!) advent calendars, which we obviously had to try. Oh, and the Haribo box has 24 individual bags, so we're going to take it in turns each day to have a bag. All I'm going to say is, thank goodness it's not bikini season!

Saw Catching Fire. Wow. Me gusta. The bestest pal and I went to see it, and it was incredible. I loved the first one, but I thik this one just pips it. I loved all the characters and the ending left us speechless. I literally cannot wait for the next one. If you haven't already seen it, see it. And if you haven't seen either, watch them both now!

Went to London. Holly and I travelled up on the coach, ready for a day of bloggy shenanigans. It was such a fab day, but I'll be posting all about it tomorrow. A few quick clues to wet your appetite: makeup, Nandos and presents. But you'll just have to wait and see, to read about what we got up to...

What have you done this week?
Are you feeling festive?



  1. You Christmas tree looks great. Mine is still in the store room. Planning to put it up soon.
    Love your photos.

    Pretty Gloss ♥ beauty, makeup & a bit of life..
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    1. Thank you!
      Aaah, I love Christmas!
      Thank you so much!xx

  2. aww the christmas tree looks so sweet! x

  3. I loved Catching Fire too- definitely topped the first one, I think! I love the christmas tree too, where did you get it from?

    1. Me too, yeah definitely!
      I think it was just from Asda!xx