Sunday 17 November 2013

This Week I... (#8)

Discovered this beauty. Okay well I didn't, my Dad did - but you know same thing, right?! Nandos is one of my favourite restaurants ever, and whenever I have a meal I always ask for peri peri salt on my fries. So when my Dad found this my day was made.

Have Nails Inc's Big Apple Red on my nails. This is the polish that i bought with Glamour magazine a couple of weeks ago. It's such a glossy, true red - I love it! This is completely opaque in two coats, which is fine if you ask me! If these are still being sold, I definitely recommend picking this shade up!

Fell in love with this. ELF's Pinktastic is such a gorgeous highlighter! I've used this every day this week, on my cheekbones and I just love how subtle it looks! I find this lasts for pretty much the whole day, which for £3.75 - you definitely can't complain!

Have been so looking forward to I'm a celeb. I watch it religiously every year, and this year will be no exception. I love Ant and Dec's sense of humour and the whole variety of challenges the celebrities face. I absolutely love the advert - it makes me laugh every time I see it! On a similar but slightly random note, has anybody else seen the banned, decking commercial?

Went to London again. I had such a fab day, but I'll be posting about more of what we got up to soon! I loved all the Christmas lights - they looked so pretty! It was really busy though, I can't imagine what it'll be like on the days running up to Christmas.

What have you done this week?
Are you as obsessed with Nandos as I am?



  1. I onky go to Nandos when im with my Sister (I'm a vegetarian) I like it but I tink the portions are so small, my brother bought some of the PeriPeri sauce the other day.

    Ive been lookin for a good highlighter I may have to try this one.


  2. I love this peri-peri salt, i put it on everything! The red posh is similar to the red one i have from nails inc.

    Kirstie xx

  3. Totally forgot that I'm a Celebrity is starting this week! AARGH when's it on? Have I missed it?

  4. Ooh that elf baked blush looks stunning, omg I have been counting down the days till I'm a celeb started again, I am SO excited!

    Sophierosehearts x


  6. I have the peri peri salt, I haven't used it yet but I love peri peri chips, and very excited that I'm a celeb is on tonight!

    Hannah x

  7. Love it when the nails inc are done as a freebie - i now have 4 copies of the map though!

  8. lovely photos!:-) i went to the ox.street switch on! love the lights this year:-)

    zofia xo

  9. that elf blush looks amazing :) I really wanna visit london in christmas time x

  10. Nandos! Love the salt so much. And oh isn't London just so pretty lately? :) x
    Heroine In Heels

  11. Gorgeous post full of all the things I love! I missed I'm a celeb?! I need to catch up already! Plus nandos is just heavenly!

  12. That Peri Peri salt is an at home meal gamechanger, isn't it?! Looks like a lovely week, I feel super behind with TV and everything else - eek! xx

  13. After I saw your post yesterday, I've looked in Tesco and Waitrose to see if I could find the Peri Peri salt! Nowhere to be seen though :( It's amazing and I need it, I'm so jealous! x

    Lola and Behold