Wednesday 13 November 2013

The EOS Lip Balm

I'm pretty sure everyone and their dog has heard of these infamous lip balms. I meant to buy my first EOS lipbalm last August while I was in Florida -as if you weren't aware they're not widely available, here in England. But one thing led to another and I left the States EOS-less.

Okay, let's quickly discuss the packaging. Is it not the coolest thing ever?! I mean, who doesn't love a quirky, brightly coloured, egg shaped product. I thought I'd also show you the size of these beauties - they're about the width of a paint pot.

This is the scent Summer Fruits and I'm not sure how to describe the scent without stating the obvious. It has a relatively subtle fragrance which fades during wear on the lip. Despite the bright packaging, this is actually a colourless, matte balm.

So probably the most important thing - is it hydrating? Yes. It feels really smooth and silky on my lips, without feeling at all sticky. I love using this as a base before applying a lipstick, and also in the evening before I go to bed. 

Finally, I'm not too sure of the price, as my Dad bought me this and you can see why he did here.

Have you tried an EOS lip balm?
What's your favourite lip product?



  1. I carry an eos lip balm with me at all times<3 my favorite is sweet mint:)

  2. Oooh I have wanted to try this for agggess!

  3. I just got my first EOS lip balm the other day too! I chose Strawberry Sorbet, the scent in amazing and I just want to eat it every time I put it on my lips!! x

    Rachael | ♥

  4. Love EOS! I bought one agessss ago in this scent but hated it so I don't know what happened to it but I bought one earlier this year from Harvey Nichols in Strawberry Sorbet and I love it! I think I may ask for one of the gift sets for Christmas as I really want to try other scents! xx

  5. I really want to try one of these just be cause the packaging is so cute! I just get the feeling it would get lost in my bag though haha :) xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  6. I tried it! They smell yummy and work almost like plain old Chapstick! Its ok.... Not really great for chapped lips! However, I love your post! Very well done:)

  7. I love the EOS lip balms! They're so hydrating compared to lip balms like balmis! I love the look of that MAC paint pot too xx

    Gemma | ❤️

  8. Oh, I've seen these online everywhere and I'm dying to try one!