Friday 22 November 2013

Cocoa Brown Tan Review

Fake tan. Definitely not my usual cup of tea. I mean I love the gradual tanning moisturisers in the summer, but applying tan with a mitt is something I'd never done before. There are a few things that have held me back: patchy orange legs, the biscuity smell and just looking ridiculous to be honest.

The Cocoa brown Tan* claims to develop in an hour, and I thought I'd let you all know how I got on. I applied a big pile of this with the mitt* just as I'm A Celebrity started - 9pm, and originally planned to wash it off an hour later - as the episode finished. I tweeted that I was trying out the tan, and Chloe replied saying that she normally leaves it on overnight. So, I decided to do the same.

You may be wondering if it smells like the typical biscuity scent all tanning products seem to have - surprisingly not! It has a really nice fruity scent, which is definitely a selling point in my opinion. I decided to apply this to only one of my legs to show a comparison between the finished result and my natural skin colour.

Okay, considering I'd left this on overnight I was expecting a darker colour to be honest. After the hour was up, it hadn't had too much of an effect on my skin, but I love how it looks after it's been on for a good few hours. It's not too subtle but it doesn't make me look like I've been the victim of a dodgy spray tan.

As for ease of application, the mitt makes it so much easier to apply, and I find you don't need too much product to create a tanned effect. The fact that you can't very clearly where you have or haven't blended it, isn't quite so convenient. Most importantly, I love the fact it's a mousse as originally I was worried this was going to go everywhere, but with this it doesn't.

Price wise, I don't think the products are too badly priced at all on Feel Unique: tan - £7.99 and the mitt is - £2.99.

Have you tried this product?
What's your favourite tanning product?



  1. I've been wanting to try this for a while but one of my friends had a really patchy experience with it, although she's not the best at fake tan haha! I think I might have to give this a go, the fact it smells fruity and not like regular stinking tan is definitely a bonus!

    Leanne // Leanne Marie // Bloglovin'

  2. I think it looks nice. Can't say I'd rush out to buy it though! x

  3. I quite like the look of this, more because it doesnt look like it would leave me looking like Dale Winton x
    Beautyqueenuk xx