Monday 23 September 2013

Benefit Fake Up Review

A while ago I went to A Fake Up event at my local Benefit counter, and recently I was given my own to try out! Whenever I use this I always end up humming 'You better fake up, ooh ooh ooh.' to myself. - just me? Anyway, essentially Fake Up* was made specifically for use under the eyes so has the creamy concealer in the center and a ring of hydating product on the outside.

First of all, I really like the packaging. It's so sleek and I love that it's mirrored - I find most concealers tend to have the typical clear plastic tubes, so this is welcomed change! I also really like the pink and black together - so definitely 10/10 from me for the packaging!

This is the shade light, and is definitely a good colour for my Caspar skin tone. It blends out really easily, and the hydating ring is really silky on the skin. I find this is a really pigmented concealer, and it easily covers my dark circles. Although, to be fair, I don't have too darker bags under my eyes. This doesn't have a smell, so is suitable for even suitable skin. 

I find this lasts all day without creasing if I apply a little powder over the top - but as it's such a handy size it's also perfect for carrying around in my bag! This retails for £18.50, which is quite a lot for a concealer - but I guess it's all down to personal preference.

What do you think of Fake Up?
What's your favourite concealer?