Saturday 6 July 2013

My newest purchase - Ipod 4 vs Ipod 5......

For Christmas 3 years ago my parents bought me the newest Ipod - the Ipod 4. And since that day it's been one of my favourite things.

However, while in Florida last August, I dropped it it dived from my hands. The front facing camera cracked and small shards of glass occasionally fell out.

I did look at quotes for replacing the screen, but I'd heard  some horror stories where things didn't get returned or they didn't work. So while the Ipod was still working I didn't bother replacing anything.

Although, in the last few weeks it's been very slow and crashes whenever I open an app, and if you know me, you'll know I'm always browsing Instagram. But, I couldn't really go on the aforementioned app because it always crashed.

Getting a new Ipod then became my mission.

So last Saturday, after looking online I decided to go with a black 16GB Ipod from Tesco. I got it home, took it out of the box, started sorting everything out, then realised it had no camera on the back. I was devastated. The one thing I was most excited to use it for, I couldn't really. It had a front camera, but I wasn't going to post just 'selfies' on Instagram.

So I rang customer service and asked if I could return the Ipod for a full refund. They said I could, and back it went.

I then went in a multitude of shops looking for the 32GB ipod - that has the rear camera- but unfortunately there weren't any in  stock and the shops were closing.

So Sunday, I went to PC World originally planning on purchasing the pink one, as there weren't any white available. But, in the cupboard I could see my ideal white Ipod. I paid for it. Took it home. And have been Hooked since.

Ipod 4th Generation - Ipod 5th Generation
The 5th generation has a 5MP rear camera, a feature I've been absolutely loving. For reference I took the above photos at the same time, in the same lighting on the same day. Also, neither have been edited, so I think you'll agree, the Ipod 5's camera is so much better!

Here are some more photos I've taken with the new gadget.

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  1. lovely, it really makes a huge difference, apple items are pricey, but I just loove the quality! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. Yeah, it really does!
      They are really pricey, but definitely worth it!xx

  2. I'm dying for a new ipod touch... I have the second gen one! I haven't used it in a couple of weeks though because the internet wasn't working on it! Sad!

  3. Kinda want the new iPod touch, deciding.

  4. The picture quality is miles better!! xx