Sunday 9 June 2013

Money Supermarket's Room For Improvement Challenge...

I was recently given the opportunity to get involved with Money Supermarket's Room For Improvement challenge, which gave a whole variety of bloggers £50 to help spruce up/redecorate a room on a budget.

Originally, I was going to paint all the walls in my room white, but in the end, I couldn't. So instead I made a few changes in my room and bought a few new things for one of the bathrooms.


The purchases.


Okay, so for my room I bought the chest of drawers in a second hand furniture shop for £15. To replace the bookcase by the window, which I previously kept my make up and spare toiletries in. Originally, the drawers were an off-yellow colour, so I painted them with a white emulsion paint I already had in the garage and changed the handles on the drawers.

I replaced the curtains in my room with the Emmie Knopp ones from Ikea which also cost £15, I bought a few of Ikea's fake flowers for 75p each. and placed them in a vase and I also bought a tray divider also from Ikea to put in the chest of drawers to help organize my make up.

While in Ikea I spotted the white floral napkin holder which is currently holding all my palettes.

Two more things I bought in Ikea were a cushion and a fleece throw which I've yet to customize, but once I have, I'll definitely show you.

For the bathroom I bought the trio of blue bottles and a new bathroom tidy as the old one wasn't looking too great.

Chest of drawers - £15
Curtains- £15
Bathroom Tidy - £7.50
Napkin Holder - £3
Flowers - £2.25
Bottles - £2
Fleece Throw - £1.60
Cushion - £1.25
Candle - £0.95
Tray Divider - £0.55
Glass - £0.50
Total - £49.60

So the main difference I made in my room, was my whole make up storage and arrangement, so expect to see a full make up collection post soon!

Did you take part in this challenge?
What would you have changed?

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  1. I'm so impressed with that for £50 - it looks gorgeous! xx

  2. Wow for £50 that is a lot of stuff xx

  3. What great buys for £50!


    1. Yeah, it's surprising how many things you can buy with £50!xx

  4. That's amazing! Can't believe you got a chest of drawers for £15, such a bargain!

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