Thursday 30 May 2013

Colours of the Rainbow Tag.....

Today's post is going to be a tag I've seen floating around on Youtube recently. I haven't been specifically tagged but I thought I'd do it anyway, as it looks great fun. So, essentially for this tag, you choose a product you love for every colour of the rainbow.

Red - I don't tend to wear red lipstick very often, but when I do I really like using MUA's lipstick in shade 13. It's really pigmented and quite moisturising. It doesn't last too long on the lips but for only £1 it's not that much of a big deal, especially if I use it up really quickly by re-applying it quite often, as at £1 it doesn't break the bank.

Orange - I bought this Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara while at the Clothes Show Live last year, on a complete whim. I'd heard many mixed reviews on it, but thought I'd try it out for myself anyway. This mascara is really volumising but can be a little clumpy on the lashes, so I tend to apply it with a light hand and then brush through my lashes afterwards.

Yellow - I love all of the Body Shop's body butters and I thought it'd be silly if I didn't choose the lemon scent for the colour yellow of this tag. These are really moisturising and sink into the skin really quickly, and I love how the scent of lemon lingers on the skin for ages after it's been applied.

Green - I struggled to find an interesting product for green, but settled for the Aloe Vera Vaseline because it  can be used for so many different things and is so affordable. I always have a tin of this in my makeup bag as it's great for using on my lips on the go.

Blue - At Christmas I received a Benefit gift set with 4 different mine sized perfumes in it. This one is called Laugh with me Lee Lee - it's a light fresh floral scent and lasts quite well on my skin. I really like the cocktail shaker style bottle and the adorable blue pattern.

 Indigo - My hair has always been quite dry and frizzy, but I've found that the John Frieda Frizz Ease serum has really helped to moisturise my hair and make it look much healthier. This serum has a really lovely subtle fragrance but  the scent doesn't linger in my hair for very long at all which is a shame.

Violet - This hand sanitiser is one of the nicest smelling ones I've ever tried. I bought it whilst I was in Florida in Bath and Body Works, and was really inexpensive. This is one of the halloween scents but I like using it all year round as it's just a lovely fruity scent.

Multicoloured - This nail polish is from the brand Angellica and it's called Spring Break - it has gold, pink, blue and orange glitters in it. This polish is really long lasting and there is lots of glitter within the polish so only takes one coat for there to be lots of glitter on the nail.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and I'd love it if you did this tag!

Have you tried any of these products?
What do you think of them?

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  1. I loved reading this post, everything is so bright and colourful!

    I love this tag up too if you're interested :)

    1. Thank you!
      I'll definitely go and have a read!xx

  2. I have that Benefit perfume too, it's really nice! And I agree with you on the Rimmel mascara. Great post :) xx

    1. Yeah, it's such a light scent! Yeah, shame it's so clumpy!
      Thank you :Dxx

  3. I've been loving people's versions of this tag! :)
    I'm also a fan of the Body Shop's body butters - the mango one is my fave!

    Love, Hails x |

    1. Yeah, they're so interesting!
      Mmm, yeah that and the strawberry one!xx

  4. Love this tag! The hand sanitiser sounds like it smells fab & MUA lipsticks are lovely, too. Great choices!

    Jess xo

  5. This tag looks wonderful in post and video form, may have to do it myself :)
    MUA lippys are the best, the colours are wonderful, great pics :)
    Elle / ellelouisee xo

    1. Yeah, you definitely should!
      Yeah they are, thank you!xx

  6. I love bath and body works hand sanitisers. Tempted to get them all! haha! I also LOVE the vaseline aloe vera lipbalm, as well as moisturising anything it smells absolutely amazing. I love this post. I have recently done the same rainbow tag. I am not one for tag posts but this one was so good I couldn't resist! haha!

    Rachel xx

    1. Yeah , why not aha? Yeah!

      Okay, will go and have a read - me neither!xx

  7. Love this tag! Great choices too! : )

  8. Your blog is lovely, and great review on these products! I'm a new follower and it would be so great if you follow back!

    xx, Gina

  9. Your blog is so pretty, such a cute post with great reviews :)
    It would mean the world if you could check my blog out as I have just started xx

  10. Lovely tag and reviews! I love the smell off the Body Shop 'Body Butters' and I think the bath and body works hand gels are so cute!