Tuesday 13 November 2012

An A-Z of Becca.......

I've seen quite a few of these tags and I thought this post would be a nice way to get to know me... However, I have altered the original questions slightly, as some of them don't really apply.

Age?   14 and I'll be 15 in March.

Bed Size?   Double and I love it!!

Chore You Hate?   Most - hahaha but specifically loading and unloading the dishwasher.

Dream Room?    White walls, Cath Kidston bedding, a large shabby chic dressing table, a massive shabby chic wardrobe and lots of little candles/flowers/decorations.

Education?   I'm currently in my first year of GCSE's...

Favourite Colour?   Pink!! You can probably guess that.....

Great Acheivment?   My blog!! I can't believe I have 332 followers!!

Height?   5,7

Instruments I Play?    None. I've never been very good with rhythms and tunes. Although I did use to play the recorder at first school.

Job Title?    I don't have a job as there aren't many available for a 14 year old.

Kids?    No ahahahhaha.

Live?   On the coast, in southern England.

Motivations?   I'm not sure...

Nicknames?    Boo, Blogster, Twig, 

Overnight Hospital Stays?    None *touch wood*

Pet Peeves?   Loud eaters, know-it-alls, people that talk through films, nosy people

Quote: Everything will be okay in the end. And if it's not okay, it's not the end.

Right or Left Handed? Right!

Shops I Love? IKEA!!!! Cath Kidston, New Look, Topshop and Primark

Time I Wake Up?   6.30 on a school day and about 7 normally.

Ultimate Food?   Pizza or Pasta!

Vacations?    Florida, Venice, Tuscany, Lake Garda, Menorca, Brittany and Paris (for Disneyland).

What Makes You Run Late?    Twitter. Grrrrrr

X-Rays I've Had?   Teeth - for my braces. Feet - when I twisted my ankle. Arm - when I broke both of the bones at once!

Yummy Food I Make?   Cakes and jam tarts.

Zoo Animals?   Elephants, Meerkats and Giraffes.

Anyway, I hoped you enjoy this post and I tag every single one of you!!


  1. Your favourite quote as the same as mine :) It's got me through some very tough situations! x

  2. Awww very cute Tag - I'll definitely be doing this on my blog too! :-) I especially like your favourite quote!



  3. Love this tag, I just did it! xxx


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  5. Lovely tag, might do this in the future as there are still soo many tags I've wanted to do for ages. Love getting to know the girls behind the blogs :) xx

  6. What a cute tag! I think I'll save this in my drafts and save it for a rainy day lol. Thanks!