Saturday 13 October 2012

Spots and Dots - A Nail Post.

Today's post is going to be a NOTD/ nail tutorial!

To create this nail 'art'..... 

I applied 2 coats of burgundy nail polish to all my nails. Next I used the end, of an old bobby pin to create the white dots in a line, on all of my nails. I then did the same with a gold polish, but only on my ring fingers. The next thing I did was paint the gold tips, also on only my ring finger. I then painted over the gold tip with a glitter polish. Finally, I applied a topcoat.

I hope you like my nail look, the products I used were:

♡  Burgundy: E.L.F Mod Mauve nail polish
♡  White: Wet & Wild French White Creme
♡  Gold: 17 polish in Gold
♡  Glitter: Wet & Wild's Kaleidoscope
♡  Topcoat: Wet & Wild Clear Nail Polish


  1. ooo this is very pretty! Im really obsessed with nail polishes at the moment! especially glitter ones :D
    hareem xx

    1. Thank you!!
      I love glitter nails to! I really want to try the Technic polish you recently posted about!xx

  2. This is soo pretty :) Nice one :)) Ixx

  3. Gorgeous nails :)
    Very on trend for autumn too :)

  4. hey! i found you through the BBU Blog Hop! these nails look so cool! i've been looking for something fun but not too over the top to do with my nails and i think this one makes the cut! thanks for sharing!