Saturday 27 October 2012


I've seen lots of the 'I Love Fall' tags on youtube recently. However looking through the questions I decided that very few of them I could answer with an interesting response. So I've decided to use some of the previous questions and make up some of my own.

1) Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
ELF's - Mod Mauve. I featured this polish in my September favourites as well as in this nail tutorial. It's a lovely pinky burgundy colour and it always lasts for ages on my nails. Another favourite is Nails Inc - Palace Garden Terrace.

2) Favourite Fall Beverage?
Tea! A large milky sugary tea in a huge colourful mug is perfect! However I am also really enjoying hot chocolate's at the moment!

3) Favourite Fall Fashion Trend?
Large chunky knit jumpers. My favourites are the navy and burgundy ones. I love to wear them with high waisted jeans and warm coats. With little ankle boots or ballet flats.

4) Favourite Fall TV?
X- Factor or I'm A Celebrity when the new series starts up again. You can't beat reality TV - I'm also a big fan of The Apprentice. Young Apprentice also starts up again soon, yay!

5) Favourite Thing To Do During Fall:
Sit on the sofa with a mug of tea, a good film, a blanket, the heating on full, my laptop to read blogs and wearing comfy clothes.

What's your favourite thing about fall?
Do you love the same fall related things that I do?


  1. Fully hearing about your favourite activities in fall, happening right now! I love a good chunky knit as well xx

  2. Seriously cannot wait for Young Apprentice to start! xx

  3. I love this tag! Great getting to know the bloggers :)

  4. I love fall too it's my absolutely favourite! Chunky jumpers make my life!