Wednesday 12 September 2012

September Topshop Wishlist....

I must admit I love lots of the clothes Topshop do - however I'm not a big fan of the price.... So today's post is going to be a wishlist of autumnal pieces I'd love in my wardrobe!....

(All pictures were taken directly from

1) I am really loving the khaki/camouflage parkas at the moment, and when I saw this one with studs on the shoulders I genuinely fell in love. £58

2) I really love this set of skull and spike bracelets. They are quite edgy, however I think they are still quite girly in a quirky sort of way. £12.50

3) These jeans are amazing. I absolutely love them. They're a blue acid wash and are the Leigh jeans. These are my favourite style as they are really skinny but also really soft. They feel more like a legging than a jean. And before you say - 'Surely they're just jeggings then?' They're not they are actually jeans. £38

4) I really love this backpack. It's black denim and has silver studs and hardware. I also think this is quite edgy however I must admit I do really like it. It has lots of pockets and would be great for days out! I think it would also make a really nice school bag. £35

5) I have an obsession with crosses at the moment - so when I saw this, it instantly appealed. It's 'Semi Precious' according to the website and is just one of those stretchy bracelets. £6.50

6) I absolutely love this it's so quirky! It's so simple but I definitely think it's effective! I love rolling the sleeves of baggy t-shirts up, I think it makes a top more interesting. So when I saw this tee with the sleeves already rolled up, I thought it was so cool. £20

7) I love denim shirts. Light wash or dark wash I think they look really cool. However considering we are progressing into winter I thought a darker was shirt would be more appropriate. The Topshop denim shirts are really soft and are really comfortable. £32

8) It's not very clear in the picture but the next item is a cream knitted jumper. However to make it look less plain it has cross and heart shaped embellishments. I think this really adds to the look of the slouchy jumper. £42

9) The last top I chose is this really pretty, peter pan collared pansy top. (Try saying that in a rush!!) Anyway, from a distance it looks like a chiffon blouse, but in fact it's just a normal top. I love the crochet collar. To make this more dressy you could wear it with a skirt and heels. If you wanted to make it less girly I think it would look really nice with a black studded denim jacket. £34

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I'm loving from Topshop at the moment! Let me know what you think and what your favourite items are!!


  1. That backpack looks great :) Cute wishlist!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I have no9! Just to let you know, the top is really long. But its wonderful!