Saturday 1 September 2012

Fashion Haul From America.....

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 As some of you may know, I recently went to Florida on holiday. I have already done my beauty haul here. So this next part is going to be fashion related.

While in America, we went to Orlando Premium Outlets, basically a huge outlet mall. While there I bought quite a few things. Including my favourite purchase:

We went into the Vans Outlet and I fell in LOVE with these!! They're black plimsolls with white embroided stars on. Unfortunately, they are a bit too big for my feet, but I'm sure I'll grow into them. Let's just face it, I wasn't going to leave the shop without them.

Continuing on with the shoe theme, I also bought a pair of Converses. They were $15 dollars in the sale and really comfortable. Or so I thought, I wore them the day after I got them, to walk around Islands Of Adventures all day. Bad mistake. Anyway they're really light weight and feel like slippers on my feet.

Also while in Converse I bought a t-shirt. It's grey and has a pair of Stars and Stripes Converse on the front. The material is really soft and I can't wait to wear it!

While in Aeropostale ~ Side note: I noticed everyone and their brother wears Aero in America ~ I found this hot pink t-shirt with white writing on. It fits really well - unfortunately we can't get hold of Aeropostale, here in England, so I just had to buy a top!

In a mall near where we stayed was a Hollister. It wasn't an outlet, just a normal store. I was looking around, and I came across this skirt. It's navy and white striped. I loved it but when I saw the price I wasn't to sure. However, I then noticed that the skirt was on clearance, not only that it had an extra 30% off. So in the end, it only cost $11.90

Finally, on our last full day we went into a 'surfer dude' kind of shop. They stocked brands such as Roxy, Billabong, Toms etc... I started speaking to a really friendly sales assistant about shops and brands here in England. Meanwhile I found my school bag for this year. It's from the brand Roxy and I love it! It was $32 and perfectly practical!! 


  1. Great haul, i LOVE those vans :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Great haul, & if you want to you can give me those lovely vans and the skirt? heeheh :') I am so glad I have found someone else that calls them surfer dude shops, I thought I was the only one :') xx

    1. Thank you - I'm sure I will look like a cool granny wearing them ;)xx hahahah, me too!!xx

    2. Welcome :) haha you will ;) hahaha :') I have called them that forever #surferdudebuddies :Dxx

    3. hahha sorry posted on the wrong account :') That is one from ages ago, don't know why it decided to log onto that so you can delete that comment forever if you like haha :'D yay #bloggingbuddiesforthewin xx

    4. Haahahahahahaha, I've deleted it you cool granny ;)xx

  3. I love it all, great haul.

    Vans are fabulous!