Tuesday 21 August 2012

Beauty Haul From America.......

I thought, considering my blog is mostly beauty based, the first of my Florida posts should be a beauty haul.

I didn't buy much make up while I was over there, mainly because I bought lots of new products to take away with me, so I really didn't need anymore. The only thing I didn't manage to find while I was there, was Covergirl Lashblast...... Oh well.

I bought lots of Wet and Wild nail polishes. They were 99c each, which works out at about 67p. I absolutely love them!! They're so opaque and don't chip. It got to the stage where my sister and I had nearly all the colours available.

The shades I got were: (L-R) Frosted Fuchsia, Dream Poppy, Blazed, Tickled Pink, Rain Check, French White Creme, Kaleidoscope, Clear Nail Protector.

 In Victoria's Secret, I bought this body spray. It was one of the $4 things of the week. It smells amazing and works out at £2.54, what a bargain!! The scent lasts for hours and definitely isn't overpowering.

I also bought body sprays in Bath and Body works after reading so many reviews and raves on their products. I bought 3, as they were 3 for $10. Which works out at about £2.11 each, yet another bargain. The 3 scents I got were: Warm Vanilla Sugar, Love Love Love and Be Enchanted.

While In Bath and Body Works, I also bought some of their hand sanitizers. I bought, Sweet Pea and Brew Berry (Which is a Halloween one, but the scent is amazing!!). These were $1.50 each which is about 91p.

Everything in this haul was $4 or less, and I love every single item. Which shows that you can find brilliant products whatever the price.


  1. so jealous:( i wish i could go to america just for shopping!

  2. Lucky xxx

    Love your new blog header!!

    Which is your favorite of the Bath and Body Works sprays?xx


    1. Thank you!!

      Probably if I had too pick, Love Love Love.

      Will have a look at your blog now :)xx

  3. I am so jealous! I have been wanting to try a Victoria Secret body spray for ages but in the airport they were so expensive :(( Great post! xx

    1. Awww, I LOVE all the things you bought on your holiday and am really jealous,I have been wanting to try the Clinique Chubby Sticks for ages, you lucky child ;)

      Thank you #bloggingbuddy ;)xx

    2. N'aww thanks! I had saved up for so long and I am so glad I did, hehe I loves my new things :D Awww you're welcome #bloggingbuddy ;) xx

    3. Awww, I tried to save up, but ended up spending my money on new clothes and makeup to take with me :L xx

      #bloggingbuddy ;)xx

  4. So lucky on that Victoria Secret body spray. What a bargain! :)x

    1. I couldn't believe it when is saw it for $4 :)xx

      Thanks for reading xx