Saturday 7 July 2012

What's In My On-The-Go Make Up Bag?

I was looking in my handbag earlier, for a lip balm. When I realised that I had never blogged about the make up that I keep in my on-the-go make up bag. If I use a different bag one day, then I just take it out and put it in the new bag.

On a day to day basis I wear hardly any make up, so I don't carry much around with me. However I thought I would tell you all about what I do, actually keep with me:

A sprite lip smacker- tastes absolutely amazing and is surprisingly quite moisturising. However before you all run out too buy this, it is definitely a novelty- and isn't the 'perfect' lip balm finding.

A mini eyeliner in black. Perfect for touching up, my make up during the day. I think it was from Claires a while ago. But it's more of a just in case product than a necessity. 

A mini, pink compact mirror, useful when it comes to doing make up on the go and checking if your make up looks fine.

Natural collections lipstick, in Pink Mallow, which i blogged about : here.

♥ Ultimate shine, by 17 Lipgloss, in 'Star girl'. I bought this at the airport, on the way too Venice. It is a baby pink, sheer lipgloss. It isn't too sticky and makes the lips look fuller and beautiful.

♥ MUA pressed powder. I always seem to drop things and slam my handbag down on hard surfaces. So carrying round expensive things that can easily smash/break isn't the best of ideas. However for a £1, this is definitely worth it. It isn't cakey. The only thing I dislike about it is that on my skin it comes out quite orange toned. This is the lightest shade, but since it is perfect for my need, I am happy too spend a little longer blending it in. The packaging of this is also very sturdy. I have quite significantly hit pan on this.

Clinique mini face brush- I recieved this in a gift set a while ago. It is quite soft, a bit prickly sometimes, but is very handy considering the size. It applies the powder flawlessly and is just the right size for me.

♥ I also have a "Zingy Lemon" glossy tube in my make up bag. This comes out very sheer, and looks like a clear gloss. However I love the taste of this. Especially over the sprite lip balm, if I don't feel like wearing a specific lip colour.

I keep all of this in a Minnie Mouse make up bag, from H&M. In august I am going to Disneyworld Orlando, and clearly have disney on the brain. Some people may laugh, but I am so excited too meet Mickey and Minnie.


  1. I absolutely adore the layout of all your posts. By far the nicest I've seen.I added your button to my blog.
    Looking forward to more of your posts

    1. Thank you ever so much, that has got too be the best comment ever!!

      Okie dokie, will add yours now..

      Aww thank you :Dxx