Wednesday 18 July 2012

Nails Inc Collection....

A while ago, I posted a nail tutorial - including a polish, from Nails Inc. Many people commented on it, asking all about Nails Inc. So that's what this post is all about....

A bit of background information, Nails Inc retail for £11. They can be bought from places such as ASOS, Boots online and on the Nails inc website. They're 10ml each and are available in an array of different colours.

I personally have 8 polishes, and I LOVE them all. They last, on your nails, for ages, and are very chip resistant. I don't typically wear a topcoat, so they must be very good. However the only thing I don't like is the price- £11, they're about the same price as a polish from OPI, but in my opinion they are better, than  the said brand. Some of the colours do take 2 or maybe, even 3 coats, but that goes for most polishes.

So on to my collection......

The polishes I have are: (Left to write, as in the picture)

1) Villiers Street- a lovely red with lots of shimmers running through it. This is one of two very Christmassy colours.

2) OMP by Fabulous- This was a promotional polish that came with Fabulous magagzine, its a bright hot pink.

3) Atomic by Fabulous- Another polish that came with Fabulous magazine, its a bright orange.

4) Basil Street- A perfect nude colour that I blogged about here, it came free in a Glamour magazine a while ago. I wear this shade the most, out of all the polishes featured, in this blog post.

5) Emerald Street- The second Christmassy colour, a dark green with lots of shimmers throughout it. I love applying this in the winter, as an accent nail.

6) Garrick Street- This polish is dual toned. In some lights it looks a dark purple, in others a royal blue. I love this colour as it has beautiful shimmers throughout.

7) Palalce Gardens Terrace- A muted browny lilac, this is a really nice plain and simple polish, it has no shimmers or gliters but still looks amazing.

8) Finally, Queensgate Mews- A vivid burgundy purple. This Nails Inc polish, also hasn't got any shimmers or glitters in.

My favourite of all the polishes, would definitely have to be: Basil Street.

~I received a majority of these as gifts from friends and family or in magazines~


  1. Great little polish collection you have going on there! :) Found you though the BBU blog hop! x

    1. Thank you :Dxx
      Have followed your blog- 'Miss Jayne Becca' xx

  2. Yay! Thanks for doing this post :D I loved reading it :)xx

    1. Ahh, thanks for reading it :'Dxx
      You're welcome xx
      Just about too email you :Dxx

    2. You're welcome I saw this and was like 'yaayy :)' Okey dokey :Dxx

  3. I've got a habit of collecting nail varnishes from magazines!
    I'm following, and I was wondering if you'd like to check out my giveaway?
    I look forward to more posts!

    1. Ahhh, same :Dxx
      I will certainly have a look at your giveaway :)
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